Spanner in the works...

So why...

I pop in and out of this forum just because some days it's hard and other days it not.

For all those that have had BFP as late congratulations to you all. For the BFN am so sorry I know that doesn't mean much. For the MC ladies it will get a little easier I take solace in knowing that not every lady gets to be a mummy of an angel.

So here is the Spanner we are days away from having a fet in Greece went for my last scan today lining is good at 12.8 but there seems to be a small something in my lining which may cause them to have to cancel the cycle . Am fast approaching 43 and I really am just thinking Ifor to throw in the cards and call it a day it's draining the life out of me we have been through so much and it just seems as though we can't catch a break.

Sorry rant over just totally feeling deflated now. Bummer is won't even get our money back as we have booked our package already.

What a Bummer life is

Peace and out xx

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  • Oh tamtam1, what a dilemma for you 😩 If it was me and you won't get a refund then go with it. Just follow your gut and that way you can have no regrets. I really hope you get your chance you so deserve it. sending you a huge rainbow hug 🌈 xx

  • Thanks hun...

    Our frosites will be there just the cycle gets cancelled at worst and we end up travelling there for nothing but ah well....

  • Oh Tamtam I am so sorry to hear this. But I have my fingers crossed everything will work out for you. The road is a very bumpy one indeed but I'm praying things can go ahead and your cycle isn't cancelled. Sending you strength and a supportive hug xxx

  • Thanks hun x

  • Really hoping you get to go ahead with your cycle x x

  • Thanks honey How you getting on

  • Hello I am ok thanks, we have a match now so they are just syncing our cycles then treatment will start, we go away in Feb so guessing it will be after that xxx

  • I am really sorryto hear this. After all the excitement of the whole process, this happens, which is understandably annoying. Please do not give up. I have everything crossed for you 💋

  • I can just imagine the extreme distress at having mentally prepared yourself for the transfer and to now have that thrown into question is beyond unfair. I am keeping everything crossed that it is just a little blip and that you will be able to proceed as you planned. Life seems to smack about the very nicest people. I know this doesn't make it okay, but I'd like to think that the trials carve out character and are inspirational to so many other people.

    I wish you only the best and am so sorry that this is such a tough time for you. Hugs!!!

    PS I am 43 in April and I also have days where i just want to throw in the towel. This is the hardest thing I have ever been through xx

  • Awww thanks babes I wish yout luck on this journey God knows we need it xxx

  • :( fingers crossed for you xx

  • Thanks honey nervous journey to get another scan now...

  • Ahhhh Tamtam1, what a smack in the face! Hoping this scan goes better and you get the news that you can go ahead!x

  • So sorry Hun, have pm'd u x

  • OH TamTam - so sorry to hear about this. But if you have already paid and no refund available, try to summon up your strength and give it one last shot. Really pray for you it works out this time xx

  • All good to go ladies thanks for those kind words and good vibes transfer is as planned for next week my little angel is watching over us xx

  • Wishing you all the best with your treatment Tamtam. xx

  • That's great news tamtam. Wishing you all the best.



  • Fantastic Hun!! Your little angel will help keep Frosties safe ❤️ Got everything crossed for you xxx

  • Hey, im like you in that respect, some days i cant come on here. How unbelievably stressful for you with all the travel arrangements in place, fees paid and being mentally prepared for treatment. I really feel for you. If you can, insist it goes ahead and take your chances, give it your all. I agree, it drains the energy and personality out of you. Be proud of yourselves, good luck and best wishes xx

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