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Hi everyone, had a MC in June and I have since commenced my 2nd round of ICSI. I have my 1st scan on Thurs and I'm panicking. Last time I was overstimulated so this time bemfola has been decreased to 150iu. I'm scared that due to the big decrease in drugs that I will not produce enough follicles. Also I keep having nightmares that I MC again. Please tell me someone else has gone through this xx.

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  • Hi Rgf77. I'm not surprised that you are still feeling rubbish and panicky after your miscarriage, plus overstimulation! I hope that you have been receiving support along the way. Try not to worry too much regarding the reduced dose, as it has obviously been done for a reason, and your consultant will have learned much about you during the overstimulation etc. Just wanted to wish you luck for Thursday. I will be thinking of you. Diane

  • Hi my first round I produced to many follicles and was over stimulated which meant my ivf was unsuccessful. This time they've decreased my dose to 150iu too and I was told if I produce less follicles they will increase it gradually. But it's normal to decrease it. I'm going to do ICSI this time round but not starting until march.

    Good luck x

  • Hi Rgf - I hope everything has gone well at your scan today and that you start to feel more positive soon. We start our second cycle on Saturday and I am fighting off the negative thoughts with everything I have at the minute. I keep telling myself that worrying will not help and so I need to stay positive. Let's hope I can keep that up with all the hormones pumped in me in a few weeks time!! It's so difficult to try to stay balanced through the next cycle but try to take comfort in the fact that you did get pregnant (I know that's a really difficult thing to consider right now but it has to be a good sign). Wishing you lots of luck and sending love for this cycle x x x

  • Thanks momma bear. Scan was so different this time round. I think the fact I'm paying for it they are doing things differently. Had bloods done today and have to ring this afternoon to get results to see what there doing next. I hope u have good results this time round momma bear. It's such a hard experience to go through and no one else understands. Works awful atm I'm thinking of going off sick before egg collection xx

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