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Let the second round begin!!

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After our failed fet in September we’ve today had our follow up appointment!!

We can begin our second and final cycle!!

He told us today that our two embryos we have previously had transferred were top grade ( so there hoping for more like that) but that will stick this time!!

I’ve requested an endometrial scratch as we had one with our first which ended in a chemical! So I want another to see if it helps again!

This time there upping and changing my medication so hopefully try and get more eggs 🤞

So we need af to make an appearance and then we can get going again on this rollercoaster 🎢


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Hey lovely, that’s great. Pleased you can now focus on the future. Am also waiting for AF to show up so I can start a FET. Finding it hard to get excited the second time round - but definitely need to stay positive.

All the best lovely xxx

Thank you!!! I’m not sure when mine is due no tbh after our frozen transfer!! I’m hoping in the next week it will arrive!! Xx

That's great! Always exciting to get moving!

Wishing you lots of luck for your cycle xx

Thank you!!! We’re ready to start again....I think lol xx

Great news so far, Lisaworthy1981, I wish you well in your second round. That must be very excited. It's difficult to remember that it is not the quantity of eggs but the quality that matters but I am sure with the tweaks in your medication, you will get a better result! Stay positive! It has certainly been the case during our second round although I've developed OHSS post-transfer and have been recovering since. Lots of best wishes to you. x

Thank you!!! I think there doing it cause we only got 4 last time so there trying to get a few more!! He said with our last 4 we ended up with top grade embryos so hopefully we will again and they’ll stick!! Oh no sorry to hear you developed OHSS I bet that made you really poorly xxx

Wishing you all the luck in the world xxx

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Good luck darling 🤞🏾

Wishing you lots of luck! Is it just one period you have to have before they will let you start again?? X

Thank you!! I had one when I come off the medication so now I’m waiting for my next one xx

Best of luck with your cycle x

Good luck with your cycle 😊xo

Sending all my best wishes really hope you have the best news will look out for your updates x

That’s great news Lisa. Good luck xx

Thank you!! Xx

Good luck for ur cycle, all sounds very positive, hope all goes to plan xx

Great news Lisa! Its always nice to have a plan forward isnt it! Hopefully wont be long until you can get going again!xx

Exciting all the best for you both 🤞🏼❤️ xx

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Great news! That sounds very positive. I wanted to wish you every success with this cycle. 💓 xoxo 😘

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