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Clomid round 3, scan update

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Hi ladies, after experiencing an amazing response to clomid month 1, this unfortunately ended in an early Mc. I experienced heavy bleeding and looked different.

Month 2 my period was so light, I called the nurse and was told to still take 50mg clomid on day 2-6

Follow up appointment today they advised to have a scan today (day 5) and to have folicule tracking again this month to keep an eye on my lining....Has anyone had similar experience or sizes? xx

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Ah Gemz I'm so sorry about the early MC 😞 so sad for you...

I wish I could help but I had NO tracking or monitoring, bloods whatsoever, it was here take these tablets and a telling off for being negative if I asked what to do if I miscarried...

I'm sure one of the ladies will help you out though ! Fingers crossed for you this round x

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Gemz29 in reply to LaurajaneF

Arhhh really, fingers crossed we all get our positive results via clomid... that would be amazing. I’ve started taking clomid at night and getting some strong twinges. U started again back on them yet? Xx

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LaurajaneF in reply to Gemz29

No I think I need time to recover from last week before I consider taking them again! And find a clinic. Fingers crossed for you X

I am really sorry to hear about your MC.

I dont think you can at that stage already say if it looks good or not. This is very early. It is good that they see some follicles that are already a bit bugger than the others, but my doctor always says that under 12mm it does not really count. At ovulation follicles are somethimg between 18 and 25mm. But as said, you are just at day 5 so it is completely normal not to have bigger follicles. usually they do another scan around day 10 or 11 amd then you can clearly say if something is growing.

Light periods on clomid are very common as Clomid thinnens the lining in a lot of women.

Good luck xxx

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Gemz29 in reply to sarahharas

Thanks for letting me know. Ye I’ve heard clomid can thin your lining so going to see what they say next week and if still thin I’ve read online medication can be given to help thicken this 😊 x

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