Feeling disheartened :-(

We had our first action scan today after a week of stims and my lining is only 4mm and they are looking for 7mm and all the follicles are small and there isn't a large amount she counted about 6. We have another scan on Monday so hopefully they up my dose and we get better results. The nurse said my AMH is good and BMI etc they expected me to stimulate well but that hasn't happened :-(. Anyone else been in the same boat? On the plus side my endometrioma has shrunk a little xx

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  • Hi CE - I was delayed by a week due to my lining on the last cycle, you will get there in the end but you're right it is so disheartening to hear. I think I'm prepared for it this time, I think I expect to be delayed again which makes it a little easier. They can grow over a couple of days though so try not to lose heart x x x

  • Thank you for the reply :-) I'm hoping they up the stims to try and push it quicker but also thinking maybe my body doesn't like all the hormones and they won't form regardless :-(. Just got to wait on the phone call saying whether to up the dose or keep it the same xx

  • I was on the highest dosage right from the start so we have nowhere to go, just had to wait. We got there in end though thankfully. I just hope there's still some left for our next cycle! haha Lots of luck for the next few weeks x x x

  • Thank you :-) I'm only on 150 so they can up it if the doctors think that's what needed. Roll on lunch time hehe. Good luck to you also hun thank you for the support :-) xxx

  • Hi hun don't be disheartened a lot can change in a few days! I was on 150 and although I was stimulating Im up now at 225 instead so fingers crossed they will up it a bit & things will start moving. I'll know tommorrow if mine have gotten better over last 3 days- keep positive xx

  • Hey Hun, when I was on my cycle a lot of people said use a hot water bottle which I felt worked and helped the follicles come along nicely xxx

  • I have been using a hot water bottle every night and it hasn't made any difference unless there would have been nothing without it :-( x

  • Hey Hun I downregulated for 4 weeks before I was allowed to stim. Xx

  • Downregulation went fine it's just the stims part is taking its time. Still had no call to say to up them or not but we will see :-) x

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