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Lerg stops play... Boo!!

Well after waiting from October to start ivf round 2 in January we had a few pitfalls...

First, my partner was a post Christmas 5lb over the BMI so had to lose it in 5 days or they wouldn't sign us up - the truly marvellous man worked hard, came under target on time and we were back on track...

Then on Tuesday 11th, as I'd been feeling ill for a few days I visited the doctor, mainly to address whatever it was prior to starting round 2 ivf on Monday 16th.

The doctor told me I have accute tonsilitus, she was signing me off work for 10 days, I wasn't to go out as exposure to lower temperatures could damage me bronchially, I am to have complete bed rest, no activity and if I get worse I will be admitted to hospital and put on an IV drip.

With that, I burst into tears and said "but I have IVF on Monday!" The Doc said, "I'm afraid you're too ill" and the IVF clinic then echoed this - they've postponed treatment til next month. :-(

The Doc gave me a bunch of meds and told me to try and drink Lucozade as I can't get any food down.

I am gutted ivf is postponed, but I guess it's sensible to wait in order to give a baby a healthy chance and as I can't swallow, eat or sleep properly, now isn't the time.

Shame is, since October I've been taking a bunch of horse tablet sized supplements and dhea in prep for ivf. The dhea I'm only supposed to safely take for 3 months so were my efforts in vain... can I continue taking them when I can swallow again?

And also I've been eating well and avoiding sugar and fizzy drinks as it's supposed to be bad for fertility... now the doc has put me on Lucozade and it's all I can get down but I guess needs must at this time and I can get back on being nutritionally healthy soon.

Anyway, sorry ladies, grizzle over! Lol.

I'll be playing catch up on the "sharing ivf journeys" thing from my last post but I will watch your stories with interest while I eagerly anticipate joining you in early Feb.

I hope you're all doing well.


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It's so frustrating when you've geared yourselves up to the treatment and have been working to dates then it gets postponed. This happened to me on my first round of ivf last year and again on this my second round. I was so disappointed but ultimately it's for the best as you need to be in tip-top condition to give yourselves the best chance.

Best to focus on getting yourself better for now and next month will soon be here. The good work you've done with supplements won't be in vain as you'll have the built the body's stores up and helped your health generally. Im afraid I don't know about the DHEA so can't advise.

Re: the sugary drinks are you able to manage soups to get some nourishment while your throat's poorly?

Hope you feel better soon and best of luck for Feb! Xx

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Hi Cheshirekit,

thanks for your reply.

Gosh, sounds like you had a difficult lead up to both your ivf rounds! How did they go for you?

Yes, I've definitely resigned myself to getting better before round 2 now. I'm currently in hospital on an IV drip having just had a needle down my throat to remove the pus from what seems to be quincy abscesses so I'll be skipping the supplements for now but at least I'm getting non-sugary fluids in.

As they've drained the obstruction from my throat I feel I might be on the soups soon so I'm pleased my healthy eating hasn't been in vain - as you say, I've built my stores and can start again soon in prep for round 2.

Good luck to you too. Xx

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