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Pain in stomach after missed miscarriage any advice please

I had a miscarriage on the 31st December and felt like I had shed most of everything then and have continued to bleed normally for a couple of days after, today I have been feeling very bloated and slight discomfort/pain especially on my right side. I did a pregnancy test yesterday which was still postive so didn't feel like I can contact the hospital yet for followed up but now I'm a bit concerned that the pain might be a sign that there could be a problem. As it's now quite late in the day I know that I wouldn't be able to be seen for a scan until the morning. Does anyone know if this is normal pain or should I be concerned?

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My last miscarriage was last June it was a pregnancy of unknown location I had a scan it was still unknown location hcg was rising but not the way it should I kept getting pain in my right side like trapped wind also shooting pain up bum I went theatre for a d&c consultant said he was confident he had removed the pregnancy 4 days later I had severe pain like nothing iv felt before I was rushed in as emergency I had a ruptured ectopic I was very ill and had internal bleeding

I don't want to scare u but if u feel something isn't right don't take that risk ring the hospital a normal miscarriage is just normally period cramp and after passing clots the pain normally eases

Have they been monortoring ur hcg levels to see if they are dropping? X


Hi natalie sorry to hear you had such a awful time last year, thank you for letting me know your symptoms if the pain gets worse ill definitely go to a and e I don't think I've been giving myself enough time to rest so just trying to slow down a bit and hopefully the pain will ease a bit xx


Hello .

A pregnancy test will still show Positive for a few weeks after a Miss carriage until the hormone levels go back to zero.

I can not advise on the abdominal pain though .. but sorry for your loss I know how your feeling right now :( 😢💔


I have been the exact seem lost the 3 Dec and still getting pains a lot dull aches seen doctor referred for scan but not sure how long will need to wait , hope ur feeling better xxx


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