Missed Miscarriage

After a scan at 9+1 I stupidly relaxed, we found out at 11 weeks our little rainbows heart had stopped. Absolutely shocked and devastated, I had a d&c last week.

Luckily we have 4 embabies in the freezer so next round will be much easier I hope! I know we will get there, it's just another bump in the road.

Anyone had a frozen transfer with the period after missed miscarriage? Receptionist at my clinic said I have to wait 2/3 but I want to start on my next!x

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  • I know how it feels. How awful for you that you'd gotten so far and began to believe all would be ok, welll you would wouldn't you? I'm so sorry for your loss.

    I'm just about to do my next fet after mmc and d and c in April. Clinic said 3 bleeds. I know you must be eager to go again but please give your body some time to heal xx

  • I know, I just hate this empty feeling, I just need to be doing something!

    You've been through so much too, such a cruel journey! X

  • I understand that. But you and your body have been through so much. I hope you can take a little time out, relax and do something nice. I know it's hard xx

  • So sorry for you loss, I totally understand how you feel. Last year I had to wait till my 3rd bleed to be able to start FET following my missed miscarriage. It's a hard battle between mentally wanting to be doing something and physically letting your body heal x

  • Oh Hun I'm so sorry this has happened to you, you've been through enough 😢 your strength and determination are admirable though, so glad you have little frosties and I really hope one (or more!) brings you your happy ending xxx

  • I'm so so sorry.... I cannot imagine your pain... sending you strength to get through this and am thinking of you x

  • So sad reading this life is so cruel, look after yourselves xxx

  • i am so sorry for your loss.

    i hope you both find strength in the days ahead. take some time to heal & be kind to yourselves.

    it's great you are feeling positive about frozen round - i found this cycle much less physically demanding.

    sending big hugs.

  • I'm so sorry to hear this news Hun, big hugs. Good luck with your frozen babies xx

  • I am so, so sorry to read this lovely. Sending you love & strength your way xxxx

  • So awful to read this...such sadness! I am truly sorry for your loss xxx

  • Sorry to hear this, it's so heartbreaking. I after six years of trying and two failed rounds of IVF I fell pregnant last January. It was like a miracle. I didn't get my hopes up until we had an early scan at 7 weeks and everything was fine, saw baby's heartbeat etc. I them dared to get my hopes up a little then had a horrid miscarriage at 12 weeks. It just seems so unfair.

    I would go on clinic's recommendation and give your body some time to sort itself out following the miscarriage. Your hormones will be all over the place and your body won't be in the healthiest place to start treatment.

    Big hugs and healing vibes x

  • So sorry Hun, sending u big hugs xxx

  • So sorry I can't imagine how difficult it would be to face what you are dealing with. You're so positive and strong! Sending you love and hugs and hope for the future - you will get there. Xxx

  • I'm having FET off my period after a miscarriage. My doctor thinks it is fine to just get on with it. There is some evidence that the mc can act like a deep would and the new cells which grow are more receptive to pregnancy- bit like a scratch, but it depends on your cycle and how you are feeling x

  • So sorry take care of yourself xx

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