Next steps after a miscarriage

Hi ladies a few days ago I posted confirming that my little one had passed away at 8 weeks totally deversated but now I want to move forward and leave 2016 behind. I was recommended to try for natural mc and thankfully this seems to have happened but what happens next? Can I request a follow up scan to check all has cleared and normal? I was diagnosed with low ovarian reserve last July and given 10% chance of conceving naturally so I am keen to try again. Does anyone know how soon I can expect to ovulate after mc? I was told best to wait for period to start before trying but this could be 4 to 6 weeks away and I just feel time isn't on my side. I had been approved for ivf on nhs for march but now that I've fallen pregnant not sure if I'll be eligible for treatment still -anyone had a similar experience or any advice would be much appreciated ? Xxx

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  • Hi sorry for your loss iv always ovulated 10-12 days after a mc get yourself some opks and start testing you might get them positive now but that will be pregnancy hormones so watch it go to neg then when it's positive again you will know it's definitely ovulation after mc your meant to be very fertile

    Good luck x

  • Thanks for your advice and sorry that you'very been through the same experience. I've just done a pregnancy test and the line is still quite visable so I guess I need that to dissappear completely before I can start testing with the ovulation strips xx

  • So sorry for ur loss, best of luck going forward xxx

  • I'm so sorry to read this nmill, I just wanted to wish you all the best for the future. Make sure you take some time for yourself, it's going to be a rocky road for the next few months so give yourself some TLC and some time out when needed. It does get easier with time. Best of luck with trying again or with your IVF cycle x x x

  • Thank you momma bear it's good to hear from you I hope you are keeping well xxx

  • Just wanted to wish you good luck x

  • I'm really sorry for your loss. You must be devastated.

    I had a miscarriage in June (and another one in Nov/Dec) and I am starting IVF on the NHS next month. I was worried that I wouldn't be eligible due to the miscarriage but the clinic were sympathetic and very nice about it and it was never mentioned as an issue. They have diagnosed me as having secondary infertility because of the miscarriages (I don't have any other children).

    After my very early miscarriage in Nov the clinic said I had to have one 'proper' period (which was in December) and then I could start in January. I was supposed to start in Nov when I got the surprise bfp. I've had a scan this morning to check everything is OK so I would imagine that your clinic will want to do this for you too. Can you ring them and tell them what has happened? Do your EPU want to see you again?

    It's such a hard time for you - I hope you can take good care of yourself. All the best with whatever comes next xx

  • Amazing news so happy for you after everything you have been through, I pray all goes well for you and yiu must be overy the moon after your scan this morning. That's good news that you were still offered the ivf I have my appointment booked with the team next Monday to discuss my options i am dreading it and don't want to get me hopes up but maybe ill have a chance if you were offered the same xxx

  • Thanks nmill - is all a bit scary starting IVF but am pleased that I have the chance to do it.

    Hope it all goes well on Monday - do let us know how you get on and take good care of yourself xx

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