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Endometrial biopsy all normal!! 👍

Hi ladies.

Hope everyone is ok 💗

Just a brief update. Been chasing the hospital up(as my consultant I was under has left and needed to know who to contact for my results) Just had a call from the hospital and

told me my biopsy is all normal 😃 so relieved!! Discharge letter stated no follow up needed. But I'm being passed onto another gynaecologist consultant who wants to see me for an appointment. Receptionist said it was concerning the heavy periods I've been having. I thought a normal result would mean no further action hmmm. Guess trying is off the agenda for a bit longer....

Good luck to everyone baby dust 🍀🍼X

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That's really good news. Maybe the new consultant wants to meet with you to discuss what happens now. Hope all goes well 💜 x x


That's good to hear it's all normal, the consultant might want to confirm that everything was normal and discuss ways forward as your original consultant has left.


I think i was just surprised as my discharge letter said no follow up required from ex consultant! Apparently it is to do with the heavy periods I have been having.Will edit my post 😆Im very lucky they're being so through 👍

Thanks for the reply noodles relieved biopsy is all clear 😊 It's def not a bad thing,could even help me fall 😍Good luck with the wait, I hope you get a lovely positive 💗X

Pm27 thank you for the reply ,big relief to be all clear 😊 I hope you get matched up soon💗 and you get a beautiful positive 😍 X

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Wow That must be such a relief and although a little puzzling for you to have to see another consultant at least it's another step forward!!! Which can only be a good thing!!! 😃👍

Good luck 😘 xx


It's great they're being so thorough, hopefully there'll be more good news for you soon. Xx


Hi! Jess1981, Glad you had some good news. However I know it might be a bit worrying the fact that the receptionist said your upcoming appointment is concerning your heavy periods. but it a good thing that they are on top of the situation, hopefully they will sort things out soon. Keeping my finger cross for you.


Sorry girls for late reply. My ten year old girl dog has been very poorly last few days. Nearly lost her 😢To cut a very long story short she had pyometra (infection of the uterus) and came home yesterday and is doing very well 😍 🐕

Thank you ladyboss397 I'm very lucky to be at a private hospital as an NHS patient think I choose wisely 😂 Another step closer 🍼 How are things going your end? Hope that all is well with you 💗X

Thank you kernship 😊 I'm very lucky really 😃 Hope alll is well with you and the pregnancy is going well 💗🍼

Thank you hop36 😊 it can only be good thing and I'm very lucky to be private hospital as an NHS patient cos they are so through 👍 How are you? Have you got any of your test results back yet? I hope you get some answers and move forward towards the next cycle giving it the best chance of it working 💗🍼 X


Glad your results are are clear. One step closer xxx


Thank you button-123 😊 how is everything going your end? Good I hope 💗X


Hi Jess,

Its at a bit of a stand still really, waiting to go back to the consultant on 21st Sept then hopefully can get the ball rolling. Like a lot of people on here we have unexplained fertility, we have had all the initial investigation tests now so hoping our next appointment is to talk through options/funding and to be referred.

I am feeling quite positive I have adjusted my diet, started acupuncture and mindfulness meditation which I find both really relaxing.

The hardest part for me is friends announcing they are pregnant left right and Centre and people asking and telling me " its about time I had one" arrrr so upsetting why say something so personal to anyone (as you can see its a sore point ha ha"

Hope things are good with you, I have followed some of your story through posts and your replies to others on their post, you always seem so strong and very knowledgeable, as a newbie to all this its really helpful and great support xxxxxx


Oh button-123 I know it's so difficult 😢

You and me both Hun. I'm still awaiting to get an appointment to see another general gynae. Trying has now been on hold for nearly 6 months 😳

The waiting around is one of the worst parts. Your life just feels on hold all the time. You could always go on a cancelation list to see the consultant, people do cancel appointments for all kind of reasons. Worth a try 👍 You may even fall before the appointment you never know. There's always a chance 💗

I can emphasise with you as we also had unexplained (till my fibroid or polyp was found). It was so so stressful. I know some people would think it is a better diagnosis to get, but for me I think it's far better to have an explanation for the infertility. At least it then makes sense. When we had unexplained I used to wonder what I was doing wrong and blame myself. I do get it. Such a frustrating diagnosis to get 😡I felt a lot better when after trying for three years eight months fibroid/polyp in the lining was confirmed by General gynaecologist to be the cause of our infertility, as no embryo could ever implant there as something was already there. It was a huge relief to know there was a reason and there was a solution too 👍 If you have any issues like really heavy periods or bleeding between periods, I would urge you to inform your consultant. ❤️

About friends having babies yeah that still after four years floors me. 😔You're happy for them,yet you're desperately saddened you're not having a baby yet. It brings it to light just how much you want a baby. You're not a bad person to feel like that. It's totally normal in this situation 😢 Out of all our friends(expect one) we are the only couple not to have had a baby. And the only ones to have struggled conceiving,all our friends it's just like that 😔We feel left behind. It's hard striking conversation anymore sometimes I don't know what to say. I sometimes think people must wonder why we haven't got a baby (been married for 4 years 20th August)

Why people feel need to say that to you is beyond me. Complete insensitivity or stupidity. Some people 😡

As for me handling this that's nice you think that. I reassure you I have deeply struggled to deal with this situation.

And I have already got a 16 year old son ,it was a real shock to struggle to conceive. I really didn't expect to get into such difficulties. 😳My child wasn't planned but I llove him to pierces best thing I ever did 😍 But that doesn't stop me wanting another child. Or take the hurt away I feel. I also feel awful ,that I haven't made my husband a father yet as I know how much he wants children. I have def driven him mad with it over the years,being so controlling and obsessive about having a baby. I'm surprised he's still here lol 😂 must love me!!! Mad bugger 😂

Best of luck with your appointment 🍀 I hope it goes well ☺️. Let me know how you get on 💗

If you need any advise or need to talk message me anytime. Sometimes it's good just to get things off your chest ❤️X


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