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First call with midwife - IVF preg and induction


Hi All,

Still in the overly anxious pre 12 weeks stage but all seems to be on track. I just had a question for anyone else in my position or further along into their IVF pregnancy. I have just had the first call with my midwife to get me registered.

She told me that as it's an IVF pregnancy they will want to induce me as it's classed as a higher risk pregnancy. I just wondered if anyone else has been told this as it's never been mentioned at our clinic and it's actually really upset me (not sure why!). Our infertility issues were male factor and now a pregnancy has been proven viable and is ticking along nicely with no problems on my side I'm not sure why it's deemed high risk? Age wise I'm mid twenties so that shouldn't be a factor either.

Very confused and a bit upset. Sorry if this is an insensitive post for the group it's just an IVF preg specific question so wasn't sure where to post.

As always, sending love and baby dust to all x

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Hi Bumble26

My friend was ivf with twins but she insisted on home vaginal birth.... right up to the end when she had gone so over and she had been in labour for such a long time - at which she relented. But as long as they keep close eye on you then you should be ok asking for vaginal birth. Xx

I’m a bit similar to you in that I was 28 when pregnant but we were unexplained infertility. I was told I would be treated like any other pregnant lady and I was left til 11 days after due date to be induced as per guidelines here.

It’s weird how different areas have different guidelines regarding this as I went into a panic thinking I should be monitored more etc because other people had xx

Hi Bumble not sure why the practices seem to be so different in different places. I am considered low risk despite my age (38), being slightly overweight and having icsi twins. My pregnancy has sailed along so far with no problems. However, I know that I will either be induced or have a cesarean sometime around week 37. Just because it's twins, no other reason. I don't feel that an ivf pregnancy should be automatically classed as high risk unless you have any underlying health conditions. There is no need for them to worry you unnecessarily - just my opinion xxx

Hi. I’m 39 weeks and I’m being induced at term. I was told ivf pregnancies are classed as high risk, because there is evidence that the placenta doesn’t function as well past the due date and there is an increased risk of stillbirth. They said it was up to me if I wanted to be induced and if not they would monitor me and if I was concerned they would step in if needed. I decided after everything we have been through to get to this point, it’s a risk we could avoid. Plus induction can take a few days to kick start things so that adds in some time. Chances are you will have consultant led care rather than midwife led care at the hospital and they are very good at explaining everything and putting your mind at ease. Try not to worry, even though I know that’s hard xx

The first thing I’d say is “don’t worry!” IVF can be considered to be a risk factor as some studies have shown an increased incidence of some complications following IVF compared with normal pregnancies, hence the classification of ‘high risk’. This doesn’t mean you will necessarily have any issues, nor should it mean you won’t have choices regarding your care.

I was in the same position (fairly young 😂 at 33) very fit & well and ivf due to male factor. The high risk part just meant I was under a consultant who I saw a couple of times for a check up and also that induction at term was recommended. I got extra scans later on, which wasn’t a bad thing.

I did opt for induction in the end, although partly because it was suspected that my baby was quite big but my consultant just gave me the facts and I made this decision. I could have declined to be induced and I’m pretty sure if I’d adamantly wanted a home birth it wouldn’t have been out of the question as I had no other risk factors (I didn’t, and chose to give birth in hospital anyway).

Just remember you have choices regarding your care and as long as there are no complications, you may decide that you’d prefer not to be induced. They may be able to offer extra monitoring beyond 40 weeks in this situation.

Even if you do get induced, make sure you still know what your options are. I ideally wanted to stay active during labour and didn’t want an epidural. I managed both of these things thanks to the support of the midwives and doctors even though lots of people told me I’d end up just stuck on the bed and need loads of pain relief due to induction. xx

i was midwife led, low risk. (unexplained infertility) at 35. I was induced because i had PROM, nothing to do with IVF. I was told by my clinic, i was a normal pregnant woman. You can refuse induction if you don't want it... I'd definitely go to term if you have a problem free pregnancy. Xx

Hello I've now got a 4 month old baby girl from ivf and was induced at 39 weeks. My midwife said it's just because they don't like you to go over your due date just incase complication arise. X


I'm having consultant led care due to a possible blood vessel disorder but my midwife said at my hospital I would only have been deemed high risk due to being 41 & not due to it being an IVF pregnancy . My consultant has said she will do my c section at 39 weeks because they believe that the placenta sometimes stops working as effectively after 39 weeks if your over 40... No mention of the IVF. Wishing you a happy & healthy pregnancy 😘 x

I’m only midwife lead although she did say something about not going over the 40weeks but it was such a fleeting comment I didn’t really pay much attention. My notes have low risk written on them. However someone at work who was IVF but in another NHS trust is being induced early 🤷‍♀️ So confusing!

I'm 38 weeks and midwife led. I was told it's classed as a normal pregnancy and I'll be assessed the same as a non-IVF pregnancy if I go past my due date (think they said they don't let anyone go over 2 weeks). xx

I was the same as you. Male factor (though 35 so officially ‘older’). My hospital also class ivf as a higher risk pregnancy and have the policy of inducing at term. I was told there is some evidence that the placenta stops working at 40 weeks for IVF pregnancies (who knows why they should be the case). At the time the consultant who booked me in for my induction wasn’t very nice and more or less told me this is what’s happening and I didn’t have a choice. I tried to argue that if I was going to be induced then they should at least wait to my IVF due date but he wasn’t having any of it and booked me in based on my hospital given due date (which they give you at your 12 week scan. As an aside, hospitals vary with this too - some just use ivf dates as due date whilst others go by size of baby at 12 week scan). As it happened I went into labour naturally a couple of days before I was due to be induced (there are lots of things you can try to help it along). At the time I also asked about it on here and got a mixed response with some ladies being advised to be induced and others being left as normal. It seems it varies by where you live.

I’m now pregnant with no.2 and had my 12 week scan earlier this week. At the time I saw a lovely doctor who told me that their policy is still induce at 40 weeks but I do have the right to say no or I do have the right to say that I want to wait until my IVF due date and they can’t force me to do otherwise. So my advice to you would be so some research, weigh up the risks of induction vs the risk of leaving and decide what you want to do and then make your hospital respect your decision.

I was classed as low risk throughout my pregnancy and was midwife led the fact it was an ivf pregnancy never seemed to be an issue however I ended up having an emergency csection at 37 Weeks due to developing preeclampsia x

I am a midwife and that is not true! Load of rubbish. Not midwives decrying anywaybwoukd be consultants. I have never heard of that xxx

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