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We have just been to an information evening at a private clinic and I asked the consultant about DHEA. He was very pro it however he did mention that it needs to be pharmaceutical grade and micronized - can all of this get any more complicated!! When I think I am doing the right things someone else drops in some more information I had never heard of so once again I turn to my source of information and advice from you fabulous ladies on here. I ordered and have been taking DHEA I bought from Biovea and they are vegetarian tablets if they are pharmaceutical and micronized I haven't a clue as I am no pharmacist however a quick google tells me they are not from a post on some forum - has anyone else heard of this or got a view on this? Worried now I have been taking wrong thing for over a month!!! Thanks in advance xx

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  • You'll struggle to get micronized from anywhere apart from the US I think.

    I believe it is mainly down to how pure it is and breaks down in the body, but to be honest, my clinic advised about the same place you purchased yours from.

    What I would say from my experience is that really the doctor should test certain hormones to start with and during to make sure the levels like testosterone don't get too high...I didn't have this done and often wonder if that was the reason of my eggs showing debris which I hadn't had before...

  • Interesting Hollibob ..I don't know what to believe any more..so many views out there.you mean test certain hormones while you are taking dhea?

  • It's a nightmare as there is never a consistent opinion with different medical professionals.

    Have a read of this link, point 3...again this is what someone has gathered, but it's interesting reading!


    I also saw this which is a forum, but still interesting...


  • Thank you so much Hollibob ..all very interesting but now I am wondering if I maybe shouldn't take dhea as I never got tested for dhea levels and testosterone before I started taking dhea..I just heard it was helpful for older women with low Amh and after a failed cycle I was willing to try anything..nobody on nhs has spoken to us three months after our failed cycle so i have been trying to do my own research..dangerous I know but then when clinic tonight recommended it I thought it must be ok..all this is so difficult!!! Currently writing my huge list of questions to put to nhs consultant in a few weeks..thanks again x

  • I had read stuff which made me want to try it and the clinic said it would be ok and that they used to advise lots of people to take it.

    We'd had our NHS funded rounds x2 and a FET cycle which resulted in x2 miscarriages, so for our private attempt and with a low amh for my age, I took it as we wanted the best chance.

    It wasn't until afterwards that I found the links I sent you and also read it's not great if you have endometriosis, which I do...

    I would suggest seeing if your GP can assist in doing some blood test checks on the levels and if they are still within the normal levels then keep gong? You'll always wonder what if otherwise and with this whole journey there are lots of those questions....stay strong x

  • Thanks so much Hollibob

  • Hi my amh was only 0.05. one private clinin recommended it. another which was the clinic I choose said there wasn't enough evidence..I didn't Risk it

  • Again differing views all the time - how we are ever meant to make sense of all this!!! I guess I was clutching at straws and just went for it after what I had read however now doubting myself!!

  • Hi vic77, I decided to take DHEA after my nightmare first cycle was put down to poor egg quality. Our embryologist said it would do no harm & i know that a private clinic recommends it. I bought from biovea too. I've no idea if it's made a difference yet but we've had 6/6 fertilised as you saw on my post. I will update once I get an update on Thursday. I've seen a few ladies on here with positive egg collections and our embryologist also said he had seen positive feedback. When I asked my consultant she said there was positive studies from Germany & the USA but they couldn't prescribe it. Hard to know what's right to do!!xx

  • Thanks Cinderella5 ..please post an update..I am hoping so much for your embies to all develop nicely and your et to go well...super exciting xxx

  • Am 30, it's my first time trying IVF, My AMH levels were 1.59 and my Testasterone was so low that my Doctor said he hasn't seen such low levels in any of his patients before but they didn't recommend anything yet do you think if I took DHEA it would help? Truthfully am confused about so many things and it doesn't seem as though my clinic is doing the best to help me out

  • Try reading the book it starts with the egg.. I found it helpful. My clinic told me very little too.. I am on all sorts of supplements too xx

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