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Dhea has arrived! What dosage?


Hi all, for those who are taking dhea, it says on the bottle to take 1 a day but I’ve seen some that take it 3 times a day. What’s best? It’s 25mg micronized. Thanks x

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The usual dose is around 75mg daily so 3x25mg tablets per day.xx

Thank you x


Hi Crazymrsrees. 25mgs - 3 times a day (75mgs in total per day). That's what I was taught. Good luck and I do hope it helps. Diane

Thank you, just took one now 👍🏻x

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Crazymrsrees79


I've just been advised to take this by my consultant - are you able to share where you bought it? And those who have taken it before, did you have side effects?

I’ve bought mine from ipumpshop from America, I think I’ve bought too many so I may have 2 bottles containing 90 capsules in each pot. I start my next cycle in January and you supposed to take them 2-3 months before the cycle. I only started taking them yesterday and I’m getting a migraine but I do suffer a lot. If you like the 2 bottles I can send them to you. It took 9 days for them to get to me otherwise x

I also start my cycle in January, but my consultant has advised to take DHEA for 6 weeks before the start and throughout treatment until a positive pregnancy test. Are you in the UK?

Sarah_S in reply to Sarah_S

Just realised I can look at your profile, and you are :) What is the shelf life of the DHEA? I know it's not nice to think about it but you might want to keep them in case you have another cycle?

Lol, the dates on them are 8/2020. This will be our last cycle because I have low amh and only have a 5% chance for it working. Last chance on nhs and can’t afford to go private unfortunately 😢 x

Ah right, it’ll be 6 weeks roughly till I start mine then. Yeah I’m in the uk, South Wales luv x

I've worked out that I will need about 300, so I would need to buy some anyway, but thanks for the offer. Now trying to work out the difference between tablets and capsules!

Ah right, if u can get them from that website ipumpshop.com and go for the dhea micronized 25mg, it’s 3 x 25mg daily. I think it cost £40+ with delivery, I’ll see if I can send you the link x


These are the ones you need luv x

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