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Need your advice! spiritual priest vs tradition medicine???


Hello, I for fifteen years straggle with infertility. I have blocked fallopian tubes. Because of some circumstances I can’t carry baby by myself. Of course during these years I have been under medical treatment, but it didn’t help. So we decided to find a good clinic (abroad) and use donor eggs.

A few days ago I received a mail from one woman that advised me address to some spiritual priest. She confirms that his herbal medication will help me. And when I take them for just two weeks, the herbs will clear those problems I have with my infertility and it will make my Fallopian Tube 100% function so that I can get pregnant.

Frankly speaking I don’t believe in such method. And tread to this very skeptically. Will you use such treatment or you rely on tradition medicine??? What would you advise me?

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I would edge on the side of caution here I think it's difficult for us in the postion we are in because we would try anything if we believed we had a chance. I definitely think there are other options to help alongside medicine however clearing your tubes with just herbs does seem a bit far fetched. I would definitely investigate further and find out what these herbs are and do some research first and speak to other herbilists for their opinion. Wishing you all the best xxx

Steisy in reply to Hidden

Of course in our situation we cling to every chance. Some cooks could play on our credulity. Pin faith on unknown person is light-minded especially in such serious case. For sure I will check all the information she gave me before make any decision.


Hi Steisy. All I have to say is that if this were true we wouldn't need fertility clinics! However it might help your mind to cope with it all, I don't know. Good luck with whatever you decide. Diane

Steisy in reply to DianeArnold

My husband told me the same. I would take some vitamins or even herbs only for prevention but not clear my Fallopian Tube. Thanks for your reply :)

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Steisy

Hi Steisy. That's fine. Always make sure that you let your specialist know if you are taking any herbs etc when going through treatment, as some can interact with prescribed drugs. Good luck! Diane

bethany2 in reply to Steisy

Agreed. As far as I know all drs recommend or even insist on pausing taking any herbs while stimulating or undergoing other tx as there is a risk to spoil everything.

PS and it is always cool to have a calmer mindset when you begin any treatment.

Also wishing you the best of luck


It's quite a delicate subject as everything concerning spirit, soul, religin, faith and so on. I haven't tried this approach, but I know people who support such methods. the thing is that it works, but it's the matter of faith and belif, I guess. If you believe in something so much, if you think of something all the time, imagining, then you could get it. It's not for everyone after all. you may definitely try, but if you have doubts at the very beginning, you couldn't achieve anything, as for me. Thoughts are things...

Yes I know that its sound like a mess. I really don’t believe in such methods but her arguments prevailed. She confirmed that this priest cured her fibroid. I really at a lost sometimes it’s seem to me I’m ready to give up. In our country it’s impossible to do donation, and we afford ourselves very expensive clinics in USA. So willing or not you start believe in such things.

I think that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and that alternative medicine can work very well alongside modern medicine. However I would be very careful believing such things can work on their own. I feel this kind of advice can pray on the vunerable and we are vunerable in wanting to believe there is a magic cure out there for our wishes for a baby! Ultimately it is your decision but just be careful!x

On my opinion you try if you are completely sure that this will not harm your health.

And how much does it cost? Responding your question I did not use such methods. And frankly speaking If you don’t believe in such method perhaps better to reconsider available options.

What’s the reason you can’t carry out baby? Did you try ivf cycles or it doesn’t work too?

I think everybody gets large number advertising offers every day. It’s not an occasion to take it seriously. Certainly you may be interested to it but there is a great chance just to waste your time.

Where do you live? Is there any problems with using reproductive medicine in your location?

If I have the same issue as you firstly I will suspend my spiritual search and undergo a complete physical examination again to be aware what to do next.

Steisy in reply to Blooo33

We have done 1 iui and 3 ivf with my own eggs but unfortunately my embryo not survived. Then I was diagnosed endometriosis. I took a cure and now everything is ok. 4 failed attempts with my own eggs it’s already a factor to use donor eggs. We are from here using donor eggs is prohibited and there is no clinics with donor database. Now we are looking for another clinic abroad.

Actually I don’t take all spiritual methods for serious. I just consider it to be like supplementary method. I wanted to know maybe someone else faced with spiritual treatment and can exchange with their experience. Of course my primary aim is to find a good donor clinic. If you can share with me some information it will be great. Any advice is appreciated.

My husband and I from Norway. Yes if it is possible tell me about your clinic a little bit more. You know all these sites and advertising are great, but to receive information from a real person is much better. Can I select an egg donor? Do they have a donor database? Is it possible transfer only one embryo? Will I receive all donor eggs my donor donates?

That sounds great! Do they have any age limit for their donors? How many attempts I will have? What guarantees they can give me in a case of failure (hope not go to the spiritual priest… ha-ha) What I need do first if I want cooperate with this clinic?

Thank you for all your replies and patience:) I should annoy to death by all these questions. Ok, I will contact this clinic and ask them for more details. Hope I will be so lucky like you and in a future I also become a mother. Thank you a lot once again!

hmm, a quite interesting question. As for me the traditional medicine is better, You probably don't know about my problem. But in previous life I was a man. I did lots of surgeries in case to become a woman. I've already got married with the best man in the world. He knows about me and my tough life.His support is unbelievable, you can't meet such a loving, careful person. He treats me like a real queen, I can't imagine my life without him.

So, only the traditional medicine gave me a chance to feel the happiness, and now when we are ready to build the completed family, the surrogacy is the best option. I don't want to make you think that using herbs is bad and tradition medicine is good. My mission is to inform people about different ways of solving the problem. I just want to share my story, sorry if I confused you

Thank you for your story I’m find it a very interesting. I think you are lucky woman. It’s not an easy task to find a man who can forget about your past and build with you a happy future. I really admire your will power to restart your life. And I think it’s great that nowadays a modern medicine can do miracles to everyone. Thank you for your story once again I think it’s inspiring everybody .Wish you the best.

thank you very much. I pray to God every single day. My husband is my everything, my castle and I'm like a small girl standing behind the big wall, under my solid shelter.

It's cost me a lot of nerves and sleepless nights to being myself. To fignt for my happiness. But I don't regret, I made my choice and would do my best in order to have a fully completed family.

You are very strong woman! I think women should take the cue from you. You cheer me up and I will do everything possible for my family’s happiness. I will do everything to change my infertility diagnosis and at least take full advantage of motherhood.

It's so nice, I'm glad that can help other women. The motherhood is the best thing in the world. I loved my mother very much while she is not. My family wasn't mine, they treated me like a stranger but that didn't break down my will.

Infertility is not a fate and we can overcome this.

We are about to contact the clinic in ukraine, as I was advised to try there. How do you think is it a good idea? Did you hear anything about this country?

It will be great if we will have treatment in the same clinic. We could keep in touch and exchange our own experience, support each other and so on. As for spiritual priest I have never been supporter of such methods. Just wanted to know what other people think about it.

thank you dear.

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