What a day!

What a day!

As emotional roller coasters go today has been up there with them. Firstly we had our 6 week scan - and after scrunching up his face a bit looking at the monitor the doctor finally said 'congratulations'! He then showed us the screen and we got to see the fluttery tiny heartbeat and he put the doppler on it briefly so we heard the heartbeat too. Exciting stuff but he was quite adamant that we were not to get excited yet and that we should see each week as a milestone.

Then my sister messaged to update me on my Mum's cancer consultation this morning - and she is going back on chemo in January - bad as it sounds her consultant seems to thinks it's manageable for years....

And then I had to go and present to my company's board....which thank goodness they all loved.

But oh my goodness what a day. All I can think now is hold tight little one!

Hope everyone else doing well xx

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  • Great news all the best to you all! X

  • Oh that's amazing news .congratulations. πŸ˜ƒ

  • Congratulations try rest as much as you can. 😊

  • Congratulations!πŸ˜„ A big day indeed for you!xx

  • Wow massive congratulations so happy for you xxx

  • Amazing news!!! So happy for you both

    So sorry to hear about your mum.


  • Oh that's brilliant news! Take each day / week at a time ( I think we are all wishing time away quickly) but stay positive and I'm sure all will be good for your baby and your mum. All the best. Xx

  • Yeay congrats 😊 🍾

    Sorry about your mum. My dads got cancer for the second time this pregnancy too. Prostate with my first son at 20 weeks and skin with this one.

    Gods on your side hun if he's blessed you with a little one πŸ™β€οΈπŸ™β€οΈ

    Don't be too put off by the Doc saying don't get excited, if your measuring right and you've seen a heartbeat, then enjoy it! ❀️️❀️️

    Let's get some positivity out there. 😊


  • Congratulations, try to enjoy it as it's a blessing. Don't do too much and stay hydrated! Hope your dad is ok x

  • Congrats and stay positive! Keep yourself busy so the time will go faster!

  • Big congrats!! Hold tight indeed little one xx

  • Great news about the heartbeat and work!

    Sorry about your mum and hope for the best!

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