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DHEA supplements vegetarian or normal?


We have recently like 3 days ago been hit with yet another failed cycle despite all the positive things we did.

However I am determined not to let this beat me. We are going to embark on a 4 th fresh cycle and this time out very last.

Wondering if you lovely ladies can help me with a question DHEA supplements as over 41.

Been doing some research and getting confused as not sure if I should order vegetarian ones or normal ones anyone know what the difference is?

Thanks 😘

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Oh I'm not sure on that one! Yiu do need to take them for a good 3 months though. Il try and have a look to see which mine were but it was just the brown bottle don't know if they come in the same colour packaging. BTW have you been tested for nk and immunes? X good luck



Been tested for NK when you say immunes what are you referring to?

If we go again I am telling him to treat me as though I have NK don't really have much to loose🙄


Good thinking go with the treatment for nk anyway I know so many people it's worked for did you have a uterine biopsy to check? There's various tests in reproductive immunology there's just a few here...



Hi Tamtam1. I’m afraid I don’t know anything about the use of “vegetarian” DHEA. However, regarding treatment with the “medical” Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) it is still in its early days. Women with reduced ovarian reserve have been given 75 mgs of this drug a day, in divided doses of 25 mgs 3 times a day for around 2 months, been found to respond better to stimulation during IVF. Some consultants will offer treatment with DHEA. You would need to ask and discuss this thoroughly with your consultant to see if he/she agrees with it and also regarding the potential side effects, which are similar to using steroids. A 41 yr old lady I spoke with recently who has had treatment with DHEA after several failed attempts at IVF/ICSI , just had 8 eggs retrieved after apparently only ever managing 2-3 per cycle. She used it for 2 months. Hope this helps a little. Meanwhile, I do wish you both well with whatever you decide. Diane


Hi Diane

Many thanks we have tried everything and still just recently had yet another fail.

Thanks for you reply xx


The bit that makes it vegetarian is the capsule! They both dissolve one is gelatine from animals like most jelly sweets, the other out of leaf gelatine. I used the Swanson brand.

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TamTam I got a BFP this morning (early days and believe it's too good to be true at moment). I'm 41 and had 2 failed cycles of ICSI when my clinic suggested DHEA - 3 times a day at 25mg. 75mg a day. I took Swanson (found online) believe they are vegetarian. They took a month to deliver them to me so maybe order asap. These are the only thing I have done differently for past 2+ months. I can't say for sure as I did 'assisted hatching' this time as well. Wishing u every success in the world. x


Thais for the positive think I am going to order then later xx


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