Failed IVF - Have to wait 6 months??

So we had our first round of IVF (after 3 failed rounds of IUI) last month and I came on my period Tuesday followed by a negative pregnancy test today so it's officially game over. I phoned the clinic and we have been told we now have to wait SIX MONTHS before we can try again?! Is this the normal amount of time to have to wait? I've been crying my eyes out and feel like screaming :(

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  • Oh no hunny I'm so sorry that it didn't work out. I really know how that feels after having two failed IUIs I though ivf would do the trick! 6 months is a long time to wait, are you allowed NHS again? If not could you not try privately? Have you googled stork? That was in the paper a few months ago xx

  • I was always allowed to start min 3 periods after, think different clinics have different rules xx

  • I had a FET the month after my failed fresh, it was medicated so transfer was 2 months after failed cycle and i got my BFP... No idea why you'd have to wait 6 months, unless that's when the next consultant appointment slot is? Although we were initially told we'd have to wait a few months for that appointment, they ended up doing a phone consultation and i started meds on my next period! Apparently there's something about being more fertile the sooner you start treatment again too...

  • Are you on NHS treatment? When I was getting clomid treatment from NHS they made you wait 6 months between everything. On private they let you start again with your next period. I literally had to wait a month to start again at my clinic but i don't know if that's because the NHS try and fob you off for 6 months? So sorry it didn't work sweetheart all thoughts with you :( hopefully next time will be it for you you deserve it xxx

  • 6 months doesn't sound right. With my nhs clinic you could phone up straight away and book your next cycle in as long as your egg count 3 or above. X

  • My clinic had a minimum of 3 month wait and it's NHS. I think it just depends on the clinic. I was put back on the waiting list after my chemical pregnancy in October and was told then it'd be a minimum of 3 month before having a FET xxx

  • Our hospital has a minimum wait of 3months. Then you phone on your next period and they book you in for a teach. You then start the month after usually but they couldn't fit us in that month so we waited another month. As I'm on long protocol fet I didn't start the treatment until 21days after I hit accepted for treatment then actual transfer won't be until about months after our fresh cycle. You might get lucky and be seen earlier though. It's a waiting game sadly but there's no point trying again if your body isn't recovered.

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