Constipation on 2ww

Hi so since my EC I've had slight constipation issues from the internal damage and swollen ovaries, I've followed my clinics advice sheet about 2ltrs water a day and plenty of fruit & veg, plus I have a couple of glasses of prune juice a day and bran flakes on a morning. Around 5 days ago I noticed my abdomen getting larger and larger till I was in severe crippling pain yesterday, I went to the nearest pharmacy and asked what I could take as possibly pregnant to which they said sennacot. Unsure I didn't take it as conflicting advice online, rang my clinic and left a message to ask if ok to take. I had a GP app anyhow this am and mentioned about it and GP prescribed fibo gel as suitable for pregnancy. So I get a call back from the clinic and straight away the nurse is down my throat your not drinking enough water!! I'm like whoa chill I'm drinking what you advised, well it's not enough you need to be on 4ltrs a day and sugary stuff, it's normal to be suffering after IVF, I said, what so severely I can't move it's literally crippling me and my belly is extended that much I can't even sit or get my breath?? She was even more enraged when I said I'd asked GP n that I was absolutly not to take any form of medication to deal with constipation other than water & sugary foods and that I should contact them 1st (which I did and they didn't get back to me in time) and not go off GP. Is this correct?? Has or is anyone else suffering from severe constipation/pain?? I'm just peed off with how she spoke to me tbh. Xx

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  • I had constipation after egg collection and was told by my clinic Senna was fine, as you're not actually pregnant it's perfectly safe! Your GP is right that in pregnancy, the ideal laxative is fibogel/movicol. If you haven't had an embryo transfer yet then you're not pregnant so senna is fine up till that point... (and it worked for me)

  • Thanks for your reply I'm currently 13dp3dt, testing on Monday, its so confusing the info available to you from medical professionals is so conflicting x

  • I really suffered after 1st EC. Side effect of general anaesthetic! As your clinic did not ring you back you dud the sensible thing and asked medical professionals for advice. Ignore the stroppy nurse's attitude but if it gets worse ring them again & hopefully speak to someone else.

    I think Diane the nurse on here has advised fibogel to other ladies. I've had it in the past, it's gross but does the job!

  • Fybogel i was told to take when pregnant in addition in severe cases they gave me a liquid to take which along woth prune juice worked. In pregnancy comstitpatuon get worse.

    But take Fybogel x

  • Try soft prunes from Waitrose. Quite nice and easy to munch through. I couldn't stand the prune juice.

    Hopefully you get some relief x

  • I would check your symptoms against OHSS as it sounds pretty similar. How many eggs did you have collected? I had a swollen abdomen, pain and constipation but they were OHSS (and the constipation was caused by progesterone suppositories, not sure if you're on them!). Good luck! X

  • Hi Luck17. (Sorry I couldn't get my reply to go through as a private message). I must admit that I agree with your GP. The drug to avoid is โ€œsennaโ€ (Senokot) or similar containing that ingredient. Fybogel swells when it comes into contact with fluid in the intestines and therefore increases the volume of the faeces. It is not absorbed into the body. The increased faeces in the bowel stimulates the muscles in the walls of the bowel to push the contents of the bowel along, which helps relieve constipation. I have always recommended Fybogel like your GP because it is NOT absorbed by the body. Like your GP extra water, prunes, figs and apricots can also help. If youโ€™re worried, speak with your GP again. Good luck! Diane

  • Hi Lucky17

    Have also been suffering from constipation on and off , with the meds and what our bodies have been through does not make it easy.

    I started taking a tablespoon of coconut oil every day and by mother in law recommended eating conference pears has really helped.

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