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I've just joined the site as I'm currently going crazy during this 2ww. I'm currently on day 4 post et where they transferred 2 good(so they said!) embryos (6 cell & 8 cell). This is my 4th cycle, 3 fresh and 1 frozen which didn't work. I have a little boy who has just turned 2 from the 2nd fresh cycle. He was a blastocyst when transferred however this time I had to have a 3 day transfer due to lack of good quality embryos. They had been using a camera system to watch development and said they're development was abnormal. These 2 seemingly were the best. Anyway, I'm having cramping and heavy legs in and off today feeling like my period is just around the corner. Surely it's too soon??? Can anyone shed any light on this? I cannot remember how I felt the time it worked.


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  • It's head battering isn't it - the 2ww! I have my blood test on Friday so will have an answer either way within 36hrs ?. I haven't had the heavy legs but have had the cramps - in the early days following et I put it down to al the poking and prodding but th cramps I had this week were just like period pains but, as yet, no period. Also experienced really bad headaches and tiredness but that could be because I'm not sleeping well. I can find a website that validates every sign and symptom as a positive sign of pregnancy but then my head kicks in and rationalises everything! Roll on Friday! Good luck with your 2ww and hope you get a positive result.

  • Hi Luckee,

    Thanks for your reply. Yes I know what you mean about finding a website that justifies every symptom. It's just a nightmare and unfortunately nothing we can do but wait. I'm sure you're nervous about Friday.....on my failed attempts my period always came before my test date a few days. Is this your first cycle?


  • Hi Lynky, yes it is my first round - after 8 years of ttc and a big weight loss I've managed to get in before I'm too old for nhs or having to pay. So far everything has gone well - no really horrible side effects, I've also had 2 put back in which is scary thought in itself if it works! when's your test day? Have you been given a test or do you need to go back in for a blood test? I've got the blood test that doesn't seem that common on this site.

  • My test isn't until 15th Feb which seems an eternity away. I hope today brings good news For you. I don't have blood tests just a pee stick they gave me. Felt quite normal last night and this morning. Some dull cramping and back pain now though. Also dreaming up so much rubbish! I haven't dreamt so much in ages. The progesterone could be to blame as with the other symptoms. Good luck .... Thinking about you today


  • Hi lynky I'm also on my 2ww, every twinge made me overthink in the past, this time I'm trying to stay calm. My clinic told me that the progesterone can mimic either pregnancy or period on way symptoms so you can never really decipher what's going on. Just try to sit back and relax and try to keep busy or plan things to take your mind off it. My test day is 19th it will certainly be a long wait but without ivf we wouldn't have any chance so every wait day is hope. Wishing you all the luck n love in the world for a positive outcome Xx

  • Hi Lynky

    How did it go at your cycle? Hope it was BFP.

    I had 2 frozen cycles last year with BFN and now Im on my 2ww with a fresh cycle had 2emby blastocyst transferred tue. Just awaken twice now 2am and 3am due to period pain. Just driving me crazy. Been off work and taking it easy hope they gonna make it this time.

  • Hi there,

    I currently 14 weeks pregnancy with twins! have had a hell of a few months with sickness and it's still here. I wish you all the best of luck with your 2ww. It's a difficult time. I always found the fresh cycle worked better for me. Your cramping at this stage could be a good sign. I had a 3 day transfer and remember cramping on day 6/7. I knew it was too early for period pain so was reassured by this. Just right taking off, I did this also during the 2ww. I also tested early and got a very faint line 7 days post 3 day transfer.

    Fingers crossed for you


  • Wow Lynky so happy for you. Take care. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ’–

    Everytime it hurts i told my babies as long as they stay I will not complain no matter how it hurts. And yesterday had some bleeding. Called the clinic and was told not to worry too much.wait until nextweek to test could just be implantation bleeding. I cant stop the tears I dont want them to go. I hope my twins will make it.

    Had 5 day blastocyst ET on the 26th Apr.

    You take care hun. Xx

  • It all souns good to me although I know how you're feeling. Any sign of bleeding and its a freaking out session. I started to bleed at 12 weeks and TOTALLY freaked out. It seems fine and they say spotting is normal. It's the colour and amount of blood they worry about. Hang on tight and I'll be thinking /praying for you.


  • Thank you Lynky..i wish you a smoother and successful journey from now towards the delivery date. Hugs.xxx

  • Hi ceyc,

    How are you getting on? Has the bleeding stopped?



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