What a week!

What a week!

Just thought I'd share this pic my friend sent me saying it reminded her of me 😂

From EC to being admitted to hospital but finally getting home. My consultant said it is OHSS and my bladder was 'clipped' during EC causing an infection just unlucky this time I guess. However I'm so glad I rang and asked for their advice as they said if I hadn't the infection would of spread and there's no way I would of been looking at a possible ET tomorrow - just shows nothing is 'to silly' to ask.

On a plus note, the embryologist rang yesterday and said all 5 embryos are still developing as they'd hope, 2 are doing better but I'm still happy with that news. Now just keeping everything crossed that after 1 more scan tomorrow, ET will take place 🤞

Hope everyone's weeks are going well, congratulations to everyone on their beautiful scan pics and good luck to everyone on their 2ww or waiting to start treatment x

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  • Oh you have been through the mill! Good luck for tomorrow. Everything crossed for those little embies and a fresh transfer tomorrow🤞🤞🤞 xxx

  • This is fantastic news E! Yes always ring the clinic in doubt. So glad you are on the mend and I have my fingers crossed 🤞🏻 that ET will go ahead! Those embies are waiting for their new home 🏡

  • Great news! Fingers crossed for u lovely xx

  • Haha. Love this! Pleased you are feeling better and just wanted to wish you good luck for ET xxx

  • Bless you, what a week you have had, hope everything goes well tomorrow for ET ! X x

  • Good luck tomorrow for transfer xx

  • Fingers crossed for ET for you 🤞Oxo

  • Wow, you have had a week of it! Great news that your little embies are all doing good though!xx

  • That's great news good luck for ET xxx

  • Sorry to hear you've been having a hard time. I hope things are getting back on track now xxx

  • love this xxx and good luck with the egg transfer xxx

  • Thank you all xx

  • Aww bless you. You really have hada tough week. I hope you are feeling. Great news about your embies. Good luck for tomorrow xx

  • Bless you. What a great piccie! I'm so glad you are feeling a bit better and have had good support from the hospital. Keeping my fingers crossed for your et tomorrow. Hope all goes well and know I'm thinking of you. xxx

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