Needle Phobic - EMLA Cream?

Hi everyone,

I will be starting my IVF treatment soon & unfortunately I have a needle phobia, in fact an all round medical phobia which stems from the fear of injections. I've bought some EMLA cream online, just wondered if anyone had tried it & can let me know the best way to use it? Sounds silly but how long before to apply it, etc?

Thanks in advance! X

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  • I haven't tried using EMLA but one thing I found that helped a lot was to use a smaller size needle. I had started with 23G and it was painful but with the 27G I could barely feel anything (the higher the number the smaller the size)

    Best of luck and keep your eyes on the prize!

  • EMLA needs to be on for an hour before it works properly. You could also use a ice cube to numb the area before injecting. If someone is helping with the injections you could hold the ice cube and then move it slightly before they do the injections. I know you will be scared, but the needles are small and are not as scary as you may think. Good luck. X

  • Thankyou for the advice. I need to deal with my first blood test before my own injections! Eek! X

  • For blood tests, put it on an hour before. Instead of using the plaster that comes with the cream you can wrap cling film around your arm. So then it doesn't pull your skin like it would with the plaster. It will last for a few hours after you remove it. So you can take it off before seeing the person taking your blood. Try not to watch and either have someone to distract you or listen to music or podcasts. Good luck again. X

  • Thanks Bec1984! Great advice. x

  • I also has a massive needle phobia before starting ivf treatment. If a needle came near me I stopped breathing and blood pressure dropped so always passed out. I totally empathise with how hard and challenging this is.

    What got me through it was remembering to breathe carmly. Small gauge needle. Knowing that YOU are in control. I really nipped my flesh and dug my nails in and that distracted me from any tiny pain re the needle. You need to inject product slowly don't try and bang it in. Once empty count to 10 before removing the needle (reduces potential for bruising and dispersing of products).

    You CAN do this.

    I managed to get over my phobia.

    Good luck

  • Thankyou for your reply! Wow! You have done amazingly well, you really make me positive. Passing out is my problem too. No needle has ever ever hurt me, it's not the pain, it's the thought & how worked up I get beforehand. I end up getting upset & becoming light headed just thinking about it, hopefully I come across nice nurses that understand! My Mum will be injecting me when it comes to that part so I am lucky in that way. Think I will also be better at home in my own environment. Just got to be brave & think of the end result!! X

  • Absolutely that is the correct attitude to have. You definately can do it and you know when your going through as something as important as this you really do find the strength from somewhere.

    I totally empathise and get it. I used to get really upset and worked up.

    Remember to breathe. Concentrate on the breathing.

    I actually preferred doing it myself and in my own environment.

    Get absolutely everything ready and lined up.

    Let us know how you get on.


  • I had a needle phobia, now I don't! Honestly you just don't have a choice doing IVF - you're just kind of forced to get over your fears. Xx

  • Honestly I was convinced i'd not be able to do the injections but they are so easy and painless. The nurse insisted she jabbed me with an empty syringe to show me it didn't hurt and I freaked out but soon laughed when she did it and I didn't feel a thing! If you're phobic then I know it's different but you will get through it and having your mums support is fab! Good luck X

  • Thanks so much! x

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