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Sleep cream


Hi all

Sorry I know we're not really supposed to name products etc but I've seen a few people post about insomnia/sleeplessness. I bought some Better You magnesium body butter the other day and I have slept amazingly for the last 2 nights (still needed to pee about 4 times in the night though!). Its safe for pregnant ladies (which the oil is not) so thought I'd post a recommendation if anyone wanted to try it out 😊


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Hi Thanks for posting this.. Im at my wits end with insomnia... getting around 1 hour a night for the last few months. but my doc wont presribe me sleeping pills as said too addictive.

Ive tried the Better You magnesium spray but found it made me very itchy!

Did you get any tingling sensation while using the cream?

Im thinking the cream might be a bit gentler on skin than the spray.? Xx

Lilli79 in reply to Gabi80

I have used the spray before and found it very tingly and weird and also very oily (I know, duh, oil?!) which I didn't like. There are essential oils in it that you can't use when pregnant (although there is plain one which I didn't try). I didn't use loads of the body butter, but even with the toilet trips I just found I slept better and was able to get straight back to sleep after having to pee. It was about £10 in a local health food store but I guess maybe they sell it in Holland and Barrett or Amazon. I'm a terrible sleeper usually so I'll try anything! I'm totally against medication of any kind (way too much medication on ivf!) but I tried sleeping pills when I was much younger and I do not recommend if you can help it. I think sleeplessness usually has an underlying reason, physical or psychological, so I think better to tackle this first. Hope the cream works for you if you can find it xxx

Gabi80 in reply to Lilli79

Ah right maybe the itchiness is quite common with the spray then.. Sounds best to avoid that from now on as the last thing we need is itchiness as well as sleeplessness! The cream sounds more soothing.

You're so right about avoiding the additional meds where possible. Especially when we are already getting pumped up to the eyeballs with hormones and other medication. It has such a knock on effect to moods, energy etc.

Yes agree about trying to get to bottom of why. We have to be our own health detectives. I think a lot of it is hormonal and also psychological. Ive never really slept well either. And this last year its got so bad I've felt desperate for absolutely anything that can help!

Thanks. I'll definitely give this cream a try...

We have to try whatever natural remedies we can to get us through!

Ill try Holland and Barrett might be good option they often have offers on.

Good luck with everything and hope your better sleep continues! Xxx

Lilli79 in reply to Gabi80

No worries, good luck with the sleeping. I'm due with twins in about 4 weeks so I'll have to get used to being woken up. I actually can't wait, lol!! 😁

Gabi80 in reply to Lilli79

Oh wow congratulations. That will be the best reason to be kept awake! 😍 Xx


Oh! I honestly was going to ask for recommendations as I cannot sleep at all!

Want to try this!


Lilli79 in reply to Hidden

They do bath salts as well, but not sure if OK to use during pregnancy/ivf treatment. It's not really been bath weather recently!

Hi lilli, I saw in the ingredients it has coconut oil, does it have any coconut scent? I can’t bear the smell of coconut so don’t want to buy it and find I can’t use it with my super sensitive pregnancy sense of smell!

Good luck with your last month of pregnancy xx

Thanks Lizzie. I'd say it smells more of the shea & cocoa butter but there is a very slight smell of the coconut, more like coconut oil than that really strong smell. I've gone totally off coconut too, and it doesn't bother me. I did cheekily open the pot when I was in the store before I bought it, as I wanted to check it smelled nice!

Thank you for the heads up- I’m not keen on the smell of cocoa butter either so it sounds like it’s not for me! (I didn’t like either smell before pregnancy but of course much less bearable now!)

You could try the pregnancy friendly magnesium oil, but I have never seen it so not sure what it smells like. How many weeks are you? I have been doing reflexology and it works wonders, very relaxing. There are so many insomnia recommendations, most of them don't work on me. If I feel restless, I tend to get up and eat a banana. Have no idea why but it seems to work, lol! 😄

I’m 23 weeks. I’m thinking of trying reflexology to help with my ongoing nausea so I’ll mention sleep as well! X

forMoira in reply to Lilli79

Studies have shown that if you eat a banana and milk it helps release chemicals that help you sleep.


Thx for this I am going to try it. xx PS your cat looks just like my cat. xx

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