Update; it's definitely over. Now blood when wiping plus continuing cramps. Have phoned clinic and nurse was lovely but agrees with what I think but still have to use cream and test Monday. My heart is breaking and I've cried a lot 💔

I hope all you who are waiting get your BFP xxx


So I'm 9dp3dt. It's also exactly 2 weeks since trigger.

I did my crinone gel this evening and had a little bit of brown like I get before my period which is due around tomorrow.

Also I've been getting that low crampy/pulley feeling I get before my period.

So I tested...and got a BFN. I do feel in my heart it's over but I will test on my official day too which is Monday. Had my cry xxx

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  • Really sorry. Cry, chocolate, wine xx

  • Don't worry hun it may be implantation bleeding. My clinic said you may have a light blood during the 2ww. Just test again on Monday. My husband and I are sitting here wondering when to test to!! I thougjt we were strong to test on the official test date of 5th December but now thinking to test early lol. This is hard!! X

  • If you can hold out don't test. I'll hope out now till otd but obviously if period defo comes then it's defo over.

    I honestly feel like I do before my period so I do feel it's over this time but yes a little glimmer makes me hope it isn't xxx

  • It's such a horrible wait! I'm actually going to try and wait. Were only 2dp3dt and I have been getting cramping and that's it. I wish you luck and hope it is a BFP for you! X

  • Defo hold out Hun and good luck xx

  • My test date is 5th December too. I would honestly say don't test early however tempting it is xxx

  • Awww Allie, hold on and stay positive. ( easier said than done I know) Our thoughts are with you. Wishing you lots of luck.

  • Sorry to hear this. I would still wait and test when they said to. Take care xx

  • I'm so sorry to hear this, but don't give up just yet x

  • Nah defo over as more red when wiping and period like pains. Have phoned clinic and cried. Have to keep using cream and test Monday still but she thinks too it is over. Really lovely lady on the phone who was really caring so was good to talk.

    Oh well xxx

  • So sorry to hear this dont give up just yet, Ive tested today and got a negative Im 6 days past a 5 day blastocyst transfer and feel absolutely gutted x

  • Thanks hun. Nah I am very 'period' like. Aches and pains as well as beginning of bleeding so I honestly have resigned myself that its over. xxx

  • Oh and also you are wayyyy to early to test x

  • Defo over xxx

  • So sorry it's so heartbreaking. Take care of yourself xx

  • Thank you xxx

  • So sorry about your news... Take care and please don't give up hope. Next time might be the lucky one!

  • Thank you xxx

  • Please do not give up hope. This process can be so cruel but we are strong enough to keep going x

  • I'm so sorry Alli this is such a horrible thing to have happened. Im also so scared off finding blood every time I go to the toilet. Sending you big hugs x

  • So sorry to read this allie, sending lots of love. Take care of yourself x x x

  • Thanks everyone.

    Did my test this morning as it's my otd. After 4 days of a full normal period which was on time, of course the test was negative.

    So to phone it in and get a meeting and move on.

    I've cried a lot the last few days but need to pick myself up now and enjoy Christmas.

    Good luck to you all xxx