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Egg Transfer/Smear!

After all the issues i have had. It was Egg Transfer day this morning.

All ready for transfer, the embryo thankfully survived.

In the operating theater room, the instrument is inserted which is used for smears, a few moments later the Dr get's up from his chair and knocks on the door of the embryologists. She comes out, and i can hear the Dr asking her to take a look at something.

Then the Dr in an alarmed/concerned voice ask's "when did you last have your smear test"? Right there, in that moment my mind went blank. He asked "6 months, 1 year"?. I replied "i think a year maybe 2, but i do know, i am up to date with them, as whenever i receive a letter i get them done".

He replied, "because you have a growth on your womb, we dont know what it is, it could be cancer, but it may not be, but you dont really want to be transferring an embryo in there right now, as we do not know what this growth is. However, if you want us to, we can do so"?

I was lying there and could not believe what i was hearing. We took the decision to freeze our embryo.

But the mere fact, should our clinic over 8 months ago when we started on this journey not have done a smear in the first place? It is a 2 minute job! Just to make sure everything is ok? You get poked in every way possible, whats an extra smear going to do?

I am feeling so depressed right now! I feel like, you know what just pack it in right now.

The Dr said it could be 3 months now by the time we get to this stage again Egg transfer.

Dont know why that long, but will need to call our clinic Monday, then get the ball rolling again for this growth!

Just so deflated!

I could have had an embryo in me right now! But i guess it just wasn't to be.

Just cannot believe it, you have yourself all ready, and then it doesn't go ahead.

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Hey Hun I totally understand how you feel. During a baseline scan my nurse say that I had a cyst which had doubled in size within a week I also got sent for urgent blood tests for various types of cancer. Please don't be too alarmed if scared, I know this is easier said than done as I was always googling things. Just try and not panic. At least you have an embryo to transfer even if it's in a few months :) did they freeze any other ones? Xx


Im trying to see the positive, but it's just so difficult right now, i just dont want to get out of bed.

We only have the 1 embryo which fertilsed.

So after all your tests what was the outcome?


It's not a nice feeling and no else understands it. I literally cried for the day before the doctor called and said my bloods came back clear. I still have the cyst they saw that it's a non functional cyst. So they didn't drain it etc. It's such a crap journey that we are on and especially because of all the different hurdles that we can to overcome. The one thing that has helped is by having husband by my side. I always feel so guilty because I know the problem is with me that we are finding it hard having kids. At least you have one embryo hun hopefully your tests come back all normal and you can have a transfer after Xmas xx

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Oh so sorry this happened.fingers crossed for u that all ok with the growth & u can get back on ur journey soon x


Thank you 72cloud9


Hey, I'm

So so sorry to hear this happened to you, in a way. Me and the wife are in a similar posistion....we are currently getting injections done, whilst going to the regular scans, they noticed a "polyp". It was kinda detected months ago when the wife had a 3D scan done but nothing was visualable then. ( these growths, I understand play huge n seek as it wer tho).

So we carried on with our treatment. On Friday she went for a regular scan and they detected the plyop, and quite strangely the consultant said "o there's a pylop there" we may have to delay egg transfer, " for a couple of months, and in the mean time, we'll collect eggs, fertilise and then freeze the embie (s).

Get the pylop removed ( hopefully soon), recover and go again. The good thing out of all of this, is although no injections will be needed to be taken, hold on hope that frozen embies used have a hugh success rate (not that fresh ones don't , but stats shows that in the few past few years those that have had "FETs" have a great chance of success)

As frustrating as this is, we now find ourselves possibly waiting to do ET in maybe Feb/March time as they would want the womb to be in the best possiable condition.

So mixed feelings really, but it is what it is I guess. I hope everything goes well for you Kate and it's not as bad as first feared.

Keep in touch


Thank you sanj76, going on Monday, lets see what they say..

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So we went to have the growth removed, two days before I had come on my period, which was very heavy and very painful!

It turned out it was not a growth, but a mere blood clot!?

We are now going to have to wait for my next period, start taking tablets, and persaries again. They will check, do a test again before we go for the embryo transfer. Which will be some time in the new year.

The Dr said he has never come across something as this...

Really don't know what to make of it.

But I feel at least my body will have recovered by then.

Its been a really tough time.

I am still getting twitches of pain on a daily basis. But manageable.


Wishing you a swift recovery... we go tomorrow to get the wife's pylop removed


Thank you. Hope it all goes well for you both tomorrow. x


Sending loads of love - how devastating and upsetting for you. I just wanted to echoe what is said above - embryos of a good enough quality to be frozen have a higher implantation success rate. So much so that clinics are leaning towards a "freeze all" approach, where they would not put any fresh ones back, as this maximises the womb being "ready" for them (giving it time to recover from the drugs etc). You have a tough little embie in the freezer. And by waiting you are giving yourself the best possible chance by making sure your womb is ready for the embryo to be put back. My daughter is 20 months old and is from a fet - I never felt so well doing a cycle. I hope this gives you some hope at this difficult time xxxxxx


Thank you Jenny for your positive words xxx


Hi Kate008. Remember that your little frostie will be quite safe waiting for you. Need to get you sorted and better first. Hope all goes well and it's not too complicated. Thinking of you. Diane


Thank you DianeArnold. xxx Very much appreciated xxx


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