IVF or surrogacy?


I'm new here, in this community, but I'm sure you still can help me.

I’m 46 year old woman who underwent three fresh IVF cycles with OE and DE but the results are still negative. My chances are really miserable as I’ve never seen BFP. All hopes for bearing my own children are destroyed. My DH supports me and believes we will raise a wonderful kid of ours but I can’t hope it would be like that. The only thing I want is another 2WW with BFP. I can’t have more failures and I feel like I’m totally useless.

I heard it’s possible to move to surrogacy, but girls, is it alright to know that your child was born not by you? I mean, are there any differences in your own attitude towards a child? Of course, you love your child even if he is adopted but still he’s half- yours only…It sounds like a nightmare!! Maybe should I try IVF again? Maybe it’s possible to have more eggs fertilized or a frozen cycle could be of better use for me? I need your help or advice!

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  • I am sorry to know yr story. Have you discussed with yr doc why yr cycles failed ? Have you considered additional testing, as karyotyping, vit D level or undergoing yr ivf treatment with PGS NGS to increase yr chances of ivf success? All the best x

  • Thank you, Nick.

    The first OE ivf cycle failed because of a low embryo quality. 2 next rounds were with DE. after the first failure we've made karyitype test but any genetic problems weren't found...doctors say it's all about my age. Maybe another protocol and alternative treatment iis needed. I dont know..

    Good luck to you!

  • Hi Petricker. Obviously the decision is yours and your husbands at the end of the day. You've both been through so much, but I wonder if you maybe tried just one more time yourself with a different protocol?? Hopefully it would work, but if not it just may clear the way to look towards surrogacy or adoption. If it did come to this, you would receive implications counselling, which would help to clear up all the doubts you have around not having your own genetic child. I do have a couple of lists of questions (too long to add here), you might like to have a look through before going back for any further consultation. There just may be one or two questions you hadn't thought of asking. My emails are all confidential. Meanwhile, I do wish you both huge success with whatever decision you come to. Diane. support@fertilitynetworkuk.org

  • Thanks a lot Diane!

    We've been searching information about how people cope with such problems and the number of my failed cycles proved to be not critical. So we decided to try again. We were advised to consider choosing a donor with high rate of success. Now we want to go abroad again, but this time it would be Eastern Europe, Ukraine or Russia. Clinics there provide guarantees and it's not as expensive as it was last time. Thus it is convinient to try another cycle. Hope it will work!

    When I am ready to visit a doctor, I will write you to ask about those details. Thank you again.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Petricker. Just let me know and i will send them to you. I do have many happy ladies who have been abroad for egg donation, with many successes, so hope all works for you this time too. Diane

  • Well I think you need to have a talk with your doctor about that, if your state suits for IVF, go for it, if not, get a document from him that you are not able to have kids and go for surrogacy. I know for sure that biotexcom does both for pretty reasonable price. Surrogacy is more expensive though, but nevertheless whatever it takes to have a child. Baby dust to you and best wishes! xx

  • Thank you for your reply, fightgirl.

    I found out that in biotex there is a package which contains few ivf de attempts and in case of negative results they can give you an opportunity to move to surrogacy...and your money spent on ivf attempts will become first 2 payments for surrogacy. I think it's a perfect program for me cause I don't lose anything. Wish you all the best!

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