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Frozen embryo transfer

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Hi, I had my first ivf cycle in jan which ended in a freeze all due to OHSS. We have been contacted today for an appointment end of feb to go through the embryo transfer with the view to doing it once my next cycle comes. Can anyone talk me through the process of the frozen embryo transfer? Drugs, scans etc etc. Thanks in advance x

19 Replies
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I’m in a similar boat but it was with our second cycle. We’ve opted for a semi medicated cycle this time which means I’ll only take the progesterone. I’ve come on my period today so my clinic have advised me to start testing with ovulation sticks for an LH surge on Monday then when I get it they’ll book me in a few days later for transfer. It all seems very straightforward (a bit too straightforward to be honest, they haven’t mentioned blood tests or scans or anything!) so I think it’s pretty much straight to transfer once my body is naturally ready! This all changes if you go for a fully medicated FET but I don’t know anything about that, sorry! Hope I’ve helped in some way! Good luck 😊💕 xxx

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Southeast28 in reply to wemma83

Ahh thanks very much for all the info!! Makes a lot more sense now. Not 100% sure which one we are going for atm but will soon find out exactly, it’s just nice to have abit of an idea! I hope everything goes well for you 🤞 xx

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I think clinics and Drs differ a lot with the protocols they prefer, but I can tell you about how mine was - waited for period to start, day 2 started taking progynova (estrogen) twice a day. Around day 7 had a scan, Dr was happy with everything, instructed to start using utrogestan (progesterone) vaginally from day 10 I think and transfer was on day 17. Had to continue taking both progynova and utrogestan until test day. So no blood tests and only 1 scan. I found the progynova fine and the progesterone made me very bad tempered and starving all the time but that settled after a few days when my body got used to it.

Best of luck with it, hope it goes smoothly and ends in a BFP for you!!

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Southeast28 in reply to MissSaoPaulo

Thanks very much for all the Info! Just had a quick look at saw your good news!! Congratulations xx

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MissSaoPaulo in reply to Southeast28

Thanks hon. 15 weeks now and it's growing like a weed hahaha. Again, best of luck xxx

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I had the same situation due to OHSS. I was given oral tablets

To take as well as progesterone pessaries, had a couple scans to check the thickness of my lining and then the transfer.

Higher success rate with an FET too 🤞 good luck x

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Southeast28 in reply to kirstyblue

Thanks for that, it’s nice to be slightly prepared so it’s not so overwhelming at the consultation. Seen your good news! Was that from FET?? Congrats xxx

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I'm on a long protocol fet. 14 days DR, two wks to get lining up, then wait a week, then transfer.

All depends on how your clinic want to do it.

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Southeast28 in reply to emmab178

Yeah it really does seem so different for everyone. Best of luck with it 🤞 xx

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I had the same, froze all mine on day 1 back in November. So early January I started my period, day 21 I had prostap injection. Then I have my dr scan 3 weeks'ish later. If all is ok they will start me on pessaries and tablets to thicken the lining, they will then notify the lab as I have zygote (day 1 embryo) in the freezer so they need to be removed, thawed and grown on to hopefully day 5 to form a blastocyct. Then if they reach top grade they will refreeze those that made it to day 5 for use another cycle. How many did you get frozen? Have they frozen zygote for you too?? Good luck southeast28 I hope all goes well for you.xx

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Southeast28 in reply to 1980sbaby

Ohh right, you must be feeling very ready for it now I guess?? We managed to get two to day 3, we had a lot of eggs collected (38) but they were of poor quality unfortunately. Wishing you lots of luck 🤞🤞 xxx

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I had a scan & tests on Cycle day 2 (LH, prolactin,E2 & progesterone). Started Prenatal immediately, then other medicines prescribed later on different days of the cycle (within the week) in this order Progynova, ascad & clexane. I had another scan on day 9 and lining was progressing good). Today is day 13 of my cycle also had a scan (lining slowed down, they increase progynova dosage and get this added Viagra which helps thicken Uterine lining). My doc is looking at a transfer maybe next week Wednesday as my lining is only at 6mm, he wants a thick lining.

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Southeast28 in reply to Ann_

Ohh okay, thanks for all the information. It’s good to get a much better understanding. I hope all goes well for you 🤞 xxx

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I’m in the US, so I’m sure everything is slightly different here, but here’s the standard FET protocol at my clinic: CD1 you start a daily birth control pill for at least two weeks (they adjust this to schedule the actual FET). The day after your last BCP you go for bloodwork and a baseline ultrasound. They want to make sure hormone levels are in range, the uterine lining is thin, and that there isn’t any activity on the ovaries (cysts, follicles, etc). If there are cysts, fibroids, or anything like that, they are measured and recorded so they can tell if anything changes during the cycle. If that’s all good, the next day you start taking 2mg estradiol three times a day for 12 days. On the 13th there is another appointment for bloodwork and an ultrasound to check lining thickness and make sure cysts haven’t changed or anything. If all that checks out, they give you a time to inject 1mg of progesterone in oil the next day (it’s timed according to the schedule for the embryo transfer) and then you start with a nightly progesterone injection until the day of the transfer, which is 5 days later (for 5-day frozen embryos).

It is all SO much easier than a full IVF cycle, and the success rates are even higher than fresh.

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Southeast28 in reply to Kikiwaits

I’m glad to hear it’s a lot less intense than the initial stages of the ivf! Thanks for all the information, as you said it does vary but it’s nice to have a much better idea on what to expect! Xx

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emmab178 in reply to Kikiwaits

Timing sounds like my clinic

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Kikiwaits in reply to Kikiwaits

I think it’s all pretty similar since the goal is just to emulate a perfectly perfect natural cycle. I’ve never even noticed any side effects from the hormones (just a sore butt from the PiO injections!). Really hoping this is the last time I have to do it, though!

I'm in exactly the same position, when i spoke with the clinic they said timescale is as follows

Feb - scan to check everything has calmed down after egg collection and all is ok.

March - Day 1. Phone for scan

Day 2-4. Scan with view to start oestrogen

Day 12. Scan with view to start progesterone pessaries

Day 16-18. scan to see how all is going

Day 21. fingers crossed will be ready for FET.

Good luck with everything hope you get your BFP xx

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Southeast28 in reply to

Blimey we really are going through similar stages at similar times. Thanks for the info. I hope you get on well, keep me updated as to your journey. Good luck for it 🤞🤞 xxx

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