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Frozen embryo transfer process?

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Hi Ladies, I havent been on here for a while. I think my heart and mind just needed a break. I hooe you are all doing great and congrats to everyone that had got their BFP 👌

So, We are thinking about going to have a frozen embryo transfer done. All the other transfers we did were fresh as I never had enough eggs to freeze except for the 3rd time we were lucky enough to have 3 frozen. I guess my question is how does this all work? How long are we on meds prior to the transfer, is it also injections and does it all go according to your cycle? Any other info?

Thanks Ladies 😘

14 Replies
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Hi it all depends if your on a medicated fet or a natural. My clinic only do medicated fets and I've just done my second one. So day 1 of cycle you book in with the clinic, get your meds organised and sign the consenting forms. Day 21 start buserelin injections and carry on with these until about 3 days before transfer. After 2 weeks on buserelin blood test to see if shut down. If shut down then start tablets and patches these continue all the way through till pregnancy test. Roughly 2 weeks later have a scan to see how your lining is if all good your booked in for transfer and told to start pessaries 4/5 days before transfer. I stated injections on 21st July and I had my transfer on 30th August. Good luck xxx

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Thanks so much for the info, gives me a better idea xx

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I'm with NHS and recently had FET.

I started on Estrodial 2mg 3 times a day for 12 days then went in for scan to check my lining, all was ok with that so I continued with Estrodial and started taking cyclogest 2 times a day, 2 days later embryos were thawed, and day after that I had my transfer. All in all including 2ww it was around 28 days.

Good luck. Xx

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Thanks for the info, starting to understand the process a bit better now.

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I had a natural FEt, so no drugs. You tell them when your day one is, then they get you in for a scan around day ten and day 12/13, to check your lining etc and monitor your ovaries then around your day of ovulation , you tell clinic what day you ovulated (pee on sticks to determine that) then 7 days later they pop the embryo inside you. No injections, no pessaries, nothing. We were very lucky, our FEt worked- they do have good success rates. Good luck! Xx

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Fantastic, Thank you so much. If I remember correctly from my very first meeting with the dr he said they do natural FET so it is most likely that this is the process I will be going through. Thank You so much for taking the time to explaine. I feel a little more relaxed now. Congrats on your positive results! Thats wonderful 👌.

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I see the others have give some really good info. Its really just down to what kind of protocol your clinic uses. What I will say is that its much easier that fresh as you dont have egg collection to go through which is an absolute bonus!! Best of luck with it!xx

Thanks so much! Yes it does sound alot better than fresh. If I remember correctly, my very first meeting with the dr he did say they do natural FET which Sounds very simple. Fingers crossed all goes well 🤞. And good luck with yours too, not sure if you have had it done yet?

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Ive had a few failed transfers unfortunately but gearing up towards another soon, thank you! The less drugs the better as far as Im concerned!!xx

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Mine was extremely similar to penders, only no patches, and only 1 "down reg" injection, and tablets in place of injections. Lots and lots of tablets, creams and pessaries.

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I wanted a natural fet but my lining was too thin so went the medicated route, my clinic also have higher success rates with frozen medicated cycles (mine worked). I started buserilin on the 3rd August i had to take 10mg of progynova 12days after starting injections and had my transfer on the 14th September (longer on meds due to thin lining). Good luck xx

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Hi, I had a fresh and frozen transfer. My fresh failed but my frozen was successful!

With the frozen cycle I didn’t have any injections and the only medication was tablets 3 times a day and pessaries twice a day right up until I was 13 weeks pregnant !

I am now 15 weeks this week! Wishing you lots of love and luck 🤞

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I had a natural cycle FET, which means I didn't have any injections prior to the transfer, other than a trigger shot to ensure my natural ovulation took place before the transfer. This meant no artificial hormones.

It was so much easier than a fresh cycle. When I was injecting every day, I wasn't able to build up a very good lining, but when I had my unmediated FET, my lining was naturally better.

The embryo survived the thaw and I got pregnant. Now I'm watching my little sweetie napping beside me.

I found the fet so much less stressfyl and obviously, given the outcome, it was the better experience for me. Wishing you loads of luck. :)

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Did u have luteal phase support?

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