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Good morning everyone. My name is Laurene, I am 43 years old, currently we are living in Poland with my husband and his 12 yo daughter. We have been married for about 6 years now and all that time we’ve been ttcing. I had 4 ivf attempts on my eggs and 3 – on donor’s ones. Nothing worked. You can imagine my mental state for now, when I am loosing every hour a chance of getting pregnant. I don’t want yet to turn for surrogacy I think that there is still a chance for me to carry the baby. My hubby has his own child from his previous marriage but we both want to have our own kid. I love Evelyn so much but I want to fulfill my dream to become a mother.

The last round of ivf on oe was very risky for me because it was found out that I have so many of chromosome pathologies that it was obvious that iv foe won’t work for me. But I was hoping that maybe I am lucky.

We want maybe to go abroad for ivf de. But I don’t know if it’s common at all..

How do you think? Is it okay to go internationally or maybe we should continue trying in this clinic??


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  • Hi hun it is very common going abroad, I think though. I am one of the women who had to go abroad for the fertility tx due to reasons. I think if you are from Poland you can look for Ukrainian clinics, I think it is near you and you won't have to spend a lot of money on plane tickets at all.

    i think if you want to change the clinic you can go internationally and all, it's not that hard. But in terms of prices for me it's going to be a bit pricey don't you think?

  • Thank you! I got your reply on another thread! So you were getting your tx in biotex, right? Was that expensive or something?

    And are they doing like additional tests and analysis in before the treatment, because I still hope that I will get to use my own eggs..

  • It wasn't expensive at all, like obviously comparing to other prices and everything. Like the most you can spend on your ivf treatment will be like 10k and that's for 5 attempts with the refund in case of 5 bfns.

    Yes, you will have to undergo like blood tests, they will show if you are healthy and your rh with your blood group.

    They will also be looking for your medical history and your gp's letter to see if it is even possible for you to use your oe.

  • What do you mean if I am healthy? I thought it was obvious that I am not. I couldn’t conceive 3 times with the help of the fertility treatment, I am not healthy at all.

  • I am really sorry to make you feel that way, but I said that automatically I didn't want to upset you at all. it is just that the clinic will look if there is any other problem with you apart from your fertility issues, they can't accept into the tx someone who has aids or hepatitis. they need to check if your karyotype is good so the baby is more likely to be born healthy too. Honey, how are you doing now?

  • I am fine, thank you for asking. As far as I understand they in this clinic have a lot off requirements for their clients, okay, that’s fine, I think it is ok. So I can opt for that contract for 5 attempts and if something goes wrong I would be refunded? It seems like the contract you have mentioned is the only worth signing one, because I don’t understand why would someone be bothered enough to sign other ones when you have such a perfect option? Also other contracts are they that different from this one?

  • the thing is as far as I understand you will undergo the examination in the clinic and the drs will decide on what kind of the contract is more suitable for you, because no one wants to spend more money on the tx than they would have to. I assume that this 5 attempts contract are for those couples who are not that lucky and they don’t have a lot of chances to get pregnant. the contracts are all the same, the difference is in the amount of the attempts you will be undergoing, that's it.

  • so it is not me who decides on the type of the contract but the clinic? hm, but what if i want to go for that contract of 5 attempts, will they refuse to sign me in to the tx? but i don't get why are they so different by the amount of the attempts, why can't i get one where i would have a lot of attempts before I conceive??

  • I think you didn’t understand me right. You see their contracts are all built on the same system – the treatments are considered as successful if on the 12 week of it you are pregnant and everything is great. So after you send your manager your 12 week US picture the contract basically loses its validity and you are free to continue taking care of yourself. Thus means that if you lose your pregnancy before 12 week you will start all over again if you sign the 2 attempts contract or the 5 attempts one, but the thing is that they will do everything for you to even conceive, after the transfer it is up to your body if the embryos will survive or not.. sorry to put it in this form.

  • You said embryos? So they work with numerous embryos and don’t just transfer one embryo? Isn’t it damaging to the health of the one in whose uterus the embryos are being transferred? Is it safe?

    Plus, so if I understand you right, I would get another chance if I pay for 2 att contract in case of the failure, because I am worried about the time and money spent on going to another country so it will be so helpful if they even give us this chance to get another round like for free or something.

  • Yes, they transfer up to 3 embryos usually. it is not that big of a deal if i may say that because in Ukraine it is legal plus it increases chances of getting pregnant. no, it is completely safe, they wouldn't do something that would harm woman's body.

    yes, yes, there is the reason why it is called 2 attempts contract! haha

    you can go to Ukraine for some time and see all of the clinic, we did that and we even were living in the biotex's hotel when going to see other clinics and they even knew that. but i guess they are really loyal to their potential clients too.

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