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4th ivf de

Good morning everyone. My name is Laurene, I am 43 years old, currently we are living in Poland with my husband and his 12 yo daughter. We have been married for about 6 years now and all that time we’ve been ttcing. I had 4 ivf attempts on my eggs and 3 – on donor’s ones. Nothing worked. You can imagine my mental state for now, when I am loosing every hour a chance of getting pregnant. I don’t want yet to turn for surrogacy I think that there is still a chance for me to carry the baby. My hubby has his own child from his previous marriage but we both want to have our own kid. I love Evelyn so much but I want to fulfill my dream to become a mother.

The last round of ivf on oe was very risky for me because it was found out that I have so many of chromosome pathologies that it was obvious that iv foe won’t work for me. But I was hoping that maybe I am lucky.

We want maybe to go abroad for ivf de. But I don’t know if it’s common at all..

How do you think? Is it okay to go internationally or maybe we should continue trying in this clinic??


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