My FET is next week but there are lots of stomach bugs and coughs going round at work?

So my FET is next week and everything is going ok so far (touch wood) lining and everything looking good. But there are lots of coughs/stomach bugs going round at work. If I catch any of these they won't let me have my transfer, isn't that right? Which would made sense but if so how does that work because I've paid for my drugs and obviously the cycle will be wasted if the don't do it? So what would happen in this case if it does happen? I need to stop worrying I guess and just cross that bridge if it comes to it but I cant help it. At that point now where I'm getting worked up about every little thing that could go wrong.

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  • It's easy to get concerned. I'm no expert but I think that you would have to be really really bad for them to cancel at this stage- like far worse than a cough or cold. That said if you can rest at home as much as possible and avoid contact with people who are ill that will help put your mind at ease. Best of luck xx

  • Thank you. I know I'm going overboard worrying. I mean if I'm going to get Ill nothing can stop it really but I can't turn it off. I've got a week off after the transfer so I can't have any time off until then really work won't allow it :( thank you for your advice helps to know I'm not going crazy here xx

  • No, it's definitely normal! My other half had a cold during my 2ww and I kept well away from him lol! Even though you have to work, make sure you go into the transfer feeling well rested so lots of early nights, hot drinks etc. Good luck xx

  • I had my worst ever flu when during my transfer that worked, some blogs say that a lower immunity might prevent or reduce the chances of the body rejecting the embryos personally i don't know what worked, I threw everything into it ( endo scratching, pineapple, 1l of milk/day, zeta pills, acupuncture and Chinese medicine even going away to destress during the 2 ww) no frozen embies but I m 33w pregnant now.

  • Thank you for your story. Congrats on your little bump! I think like all of us I'm just getting a bit obsessive now. Worrying about every little possibility it could go wrong. Thank you for the support I'll try and relax a bit lol xx

  • Hi KittyK.. I think you would need to be in Intensive Care before they cancelled your FET!! I think if you are able to get to the it will go ahead as scheduled. Lots of my ladies in the past have had flu type bugs at time of transfer, with no reduction in success rates. HUGE luck and hope you soon feel better. Diane

  • Really? I'm glad. I think after everything, this cycle I've just got this doom and gloom mindset I can't shift so I think every little thing that can/might happen is going to. I need the world's biggest chill pill >__< driving my poor husband mad. Thanks for allaying my fears I really appreciate it xx

  • Hi KittK. The whole treatment cycle is a nightmare for anyone who has to undergo anything to do with fertility treatment, so this plus any drugs you have been/are on will add to your feelings. I'm sure your husband is a great support to you and will see you safely through the FET. Diane

  • Hi KittyK I'm sure it will be fine as the other ladies say they are unlikely to cancel it just because you have a cold.also if you think about it a cold really affects your respiratory tract not your reproductive organs and it's only a mild virus. You'll be fine.its easier to say that than it is to think it yourself though isn't it?

  • It is definitely easier said than done. I read somewhere ages ago when i first started this that someone had a transfer cancelled because they were ill and were coughing really badly. I think also last time I got I'll during my 2ww and had an early miscarriage and I know logically that a mild virus can't do that to you but you know what it's like, when something like that happens you blame every little thing. Fingers crossed this is it this time :)

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