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First IVF FET at the age of 43 (44 next week)

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Hi ladies, I have been following a lot of your posts for quite some time. I found great comfort in this forum knowing I was not the only one struggling to get pregnant.

After a very long struggle to get pregnant naturally I went privately to try and ascertain why I could not get pregnant.

It transpires like many of you I had high levels of NK cells and missing receptors which are important for implantation. I also suffer from hypothyroidism so have been treated for that separately.

Anyway, after a course of intralipids to reduce my NK levels & numerous nupogen washes I went through 2 rounds of IVF. I ended up with 2 blastocysts (3 AA & 3AB) , which they transferred on Tuesday.

I know they have only been ‘baking in my oven’ for just 2 days but I just feel so overwhelmed. I’m on tones of medication (progesterone injections/suppositories/blood thinning injections you name it. My stomach is black and blue. So not surprised I’m emotional.

Why don’t I feel any different? I’m looking for signs everyday.

Be good to know if anyone got any symptoms at all in the first 5 days after a 3 day FET?

I know everyone is different X

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Hi there.

My first transfer, I sadly had a chemical pregnancy with a day 3 embie... But I don't remember having any symptoms in the first week or so. And then I got indigestion and felt really tired in the second week...

But that could have just been the Progesterone! Alot of ladies have no symptoms whatsoever.

My advice would be to try and distract yourself with some good films and nice walks etc. I literally turned my phone off for 2-3 hours at a time to stop myself googling so much and that definitely helped my anxiety.

Wishing you lots of luck. 💕 Xxx

Thank you for your reassurance and advice. I’m Google queen at the moment and it’s driving me crazy. Such an emotional and expensive journey.

Hope you have had some success since and if not praying your little miracle happens also 💛xx

It's totally normal... We all do it and drive ourselves mad! Stepping away for a while did me the world of good. As did going to the beach! It's such a tough time but hopefully all worth it.

Thank you. I have two frosties and egg collection coming up in November so keeping everything crossed. I'm also on NK cells meds so hoping it's the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle, like you Xx

Oh fingers tightly crossed for November time 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞. Such an exhausting emotional journey. Hope your little miracle happens xx

Hello, Chrissyldon, I just wanted to come on here to wish you all the best. I was also 43 and almost 44 when I completed my last IVF cycle.

I hope you you get that BFP! The odds may not be great but it is definitely possible.

In terms of signs, it is a difficult one as people experience the 2WW so differently. Also, all those drugs in your system can also mess with your mind mimicking pregnancy symptoms. As Fertilityjourney advised, the best you can do is distract yourself and take each day as it comes. Please stop googling if you can, it only just worsens everything. As well as keeping busy, I found writing a journal helpful.

I really hope and pray that you will have what you hope and dream for 🙏🏾

Thank you 😊. Did you have any success with your last IVF round? I sincerely hope you did. Xx

I will do my best now not to google anymore. This forum has been so amazing and helpful. My Frosties are from when I was 40. I was single for a long time so froze my eggs through 2 rounds of IVF. A lot did not survive the thawing process and fertilisation. I’ve 2 Frosties in me and 2 less good quality Frosties in the freezer for another transfer if this is unsuccessful. Will obviously try a fresh cycle for the third and prob final round. Already spend £30k plus on this journey so far…it’s soo expensive!! Makes my eyes water XX

I know exactly what you mean about the costs but all that goes out the window once you get that elusive BFP 😊

As for me, I was actually extremely lucky and yes I was successful after my last cycle. I am currently 24 weeks pregnant.

Like you I have some frosties in the freezer but due to my age and especially hubby’s age, we are likely stop at one!

I hope your current transfer is successful and well done for thinking ahead. 👏🏽

All the best 💫

For my first transfer I had no symptoms until 8 weeks pregnant. For my second, I had symptoms from 4dp5dt but I guess it’s just my body having a great memory!

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Chrissyldn in reply to endbrnd

Thank you for replying. Where either of them successful. Hope so XX

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endbrnd in reply to Chrissyldn

My first transfer is now running in the living room and I'm 5 weeks pregnant with #2

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endbrnd in reply to Chrissyldn

And my boobs only got bigger at 20 weeks with my first!!!!! I thought that was the only positive preganncy side effect and I only enjoyed it for half of my preganncy 😆

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Chrissyldn in reply to endbrnd

Ahh such amazing news! So pleased for you 🥰!!! Thanks again for reaching out xxx

Hello lovely, you are definitely not the only one!!I had success on my 6th transfer (first time with steroids and intralipids) and I had absolutely no symptoms until about 8.5 weeks and even then it was just feeling tired. I never got any sickness and my boobs only became larger at around 12 weeks….

Try not to over analyse everything as at this stage any symptoms are likely caused by the drugs. (I was on a similar amount too) xx

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Chrissyldn in reply to Millbanks

Thank you. So delighted to hear you had success after intralipids etc. I am so grateful my acupuncturist told me about NK cells. I had no idea about any of it and would have never had a chance to get pregnant without treating that first. Xx

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Millbanks in reply to Chrissyldn

Incredibly the only reason I tried it was after seeing a podcast on Instagram (by an acupuncturist too) - and she mentioned that if your family have a history of auto-immunes you should at least check - both parents have psoriasis so I went for it. Absolutely sky high NK cells. So really it was just luck. xx

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Chrissyldn in reply to Millbanks

Blimey!! Wow that was pure luck for you too! I wish this NK cells issue was more commonly known and accepted by the NHS! Xx

First of all i will say we have all be there but from not google and don't test early! If it is negative you will keep testing daily in hope that it will change, if it is postive you will keep testing to see if the line remains. Either way it is extra stress that you do not need. Also if it happened naturally you wouldn't know this early. I had no symptoms at all until 14 weeks, my anxiety was thru the roof, paid for extra scans etc. I also think ivf takes the excitment away from being pregnant as always waiting on something going wrong.

Wishing you all the best of luck xx

Thank you so much. That’s reassuring. I’m going to switch off from it all and leave it to fate xx

Aaarghhhh the 2 week wait is THE WORST. You go through such a cycle of emotions, some days convinced you are pregnant, others that you are not! The one thing I would say is like JoyfulStar says the drugs play absolute havoc with your body, and realistically in most cases any 'symptoms' during the 2ww are likely to be the drugs, and equally any 'fading symptoms' are likely to be your body getting used to the drugs! I have had cycles where I was CONVINCED I was pregnant and I wasn't and others where I was CONVINCED it hadn't worked and it had!! Have you tried the Mindful IVF app? Its really good as it has a mindfulness session for each day of your cycle (and you can pick it up any time). I found it a calming 10 mins in an otherwise mind scrambling 2 weeks of googling things like '3 days past transfer itchy big toe is this a pregnancy symptom' 😆. I officially go bonkers every 2ww. Heaps of luck lovely xx

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Thank you so much Daisy. Such helpful feedback xxx

Tww is horrible with doubts. First I wish you good news on test day and 2 my signs were vivid dreams as a potential sign of pregnancy 😆 I had a dream I ate all my rings and woke up and they were ALL gone from my fingers! LMAO luckily they had only fallen around the couch on that occasion 😆

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Chrissyldn in reply to bkabka

How funny 😆 that made me giggle . An unusual symptom indeed…one definitely to look out for 😂 xxx

Apparently if you have 2 blastocysts to transfer, you have a good chance of pregnancy :) (I also transferred 2 blastos at 43 and one is now asleep in bed :) ) Good luck!!

You have to be careful - it depends on the quality, if they are very different it can have a negative impact. Congrats on your little one x

Ahh amazing 🤩..well that would be my absolute dream. Always wanted to be a mummy. Thank you for your comforting words xxx

I have my fingers and toes crossed for you 🧡

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