Spanner in the works!!!

Well, Weve finally had my husbands test results back and we'd always assumed they would be normal but couldn't move forward until we had them.

They lost the first set of results and he had to do it all over again so it set us back a good 4 weeks!

Finally we have them ( as well as the first tests results!) and both show a low sperm count of less than 15 million...

Im in total shock and so is he!

Did anyone elses partner have this? Were you able to get pregnant? With me not ovulating and him with a low sperm count I wonder whether we will ever get there!!! Were seeing the Dr on Thursday (This week) so fingers crossed she will give us some hope back, if IVF is the only option we wont be able to as my weight will be an issue im sure...


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  • Hello,

    You and your partner are exactly the same as us. I don't oblate and my partners got low sperm count of 18 million, I had my cycle terminated due to to many follicles but not growing much due to being in the wrong dosage .

    But booked in again to start Dec/Jan!

    We got caught naturally last year but ended in a chemical pregnancy. So my only advise is to just remain as positive as possible. As for the weight side me and my parter both had to loose weight me. It so much but my partner is a gym freak so he had to loose the muscle and got from there.


  • Thanks, weve got the drs on the Thursday to find out where we go from here. Before we were talking with he dr about the possibility of being able to prescribe me drugs to force me to ovulate but now his results have come back I don't know if she will still be able to look at this for me. I just feel without ovulating we stand no chance but will they do anything other than just say our only resort is IVF?!

  • Well they said to us the only way it will happen is icsi, and they said naturally our chances were 1% but they may give you other options for you every clinic is so different x

  • I really hope theres some other options for us. Thankfully we have age on our wide as our 25 and 22 but this is still such a gutting blow for us. Ive already lost 1st 12lbs and that alone managed to restart my periods but not ovulating!!!

  • Wow that's an amazing effort well done you for loosing that so far, like I said every clinic is different and so is every individual, fingers crossed for you that they can do something for you xx

  • Thanks so much Emma Jane! - best of luck to you and your other half and keep in touch how it goes :) xxx

  • Thank you Hun, and all the best to you and your partner, I will look out for your updates. Got everything crossed for you xxx

  • Hi I understand the frustration with this, we went through this after a couple of years of unsuccessful ttc. It was found I wasn't ovulating after. being referred to assisted fertility. This was down to my thyroid problem. In the mean time DH has a routine SA done and boom, very low count, under 3 million πŸ‘ŽAnd low motility around 3%

    Thy repeated the SA and the second was even worse - under 1 million 😱We couldn't believe it

    Next thing we know we get a letter saying we had secondary male factor infertility which would only be remedied with self funding IVF as we weren't willing to use donor sperm.

    All investigations with me stopped. They blamed DH and that was the end of it as far as they were concerned. My BMI was 30 at the time and they wanted it to be under 27

    In the mean time DH gets depression (I'm certain down the fertility guilt) and he takes lots of time off work. Self funding is out of the question and we walk away 😞

    Luckily I was prescribed replacement hormone for the thyroid which kick started OV and brought my weight under control.

    assisted fertility pretty much washed their hands of us. Cough up or shut up. πŸ‘Ž

    Fast forward 4 years we had given up (for the sake of our marriage) and we get a natural BFP ❀️❀️ Now we're 33 weeks.

    Even with DH and his veery very low swimmers. Your SA is 4 times better than ours was! It's not game over for you! 😊

    Different clinics have different weight goals and different criteria. But it is frustrating when they abandon testing you based on His SA plus I was wanting to why I was offered self funded IVF if his sperm was such poor quality πŸ€” How would it ever have worked?....

    anyway don't give up Hun. I've been there it's not always the end. We're proof of it πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ€πŸ™

  • Thanks so so much for your reply. I read this to my husband and it gave us both so much hope to know it can still happen!! Many congratulations to you & your OH.

    We both wish you amazon happiness with your miracle :) xxx

  • Hi there. My husband had a low Sperm count too. My amh was low too we had to have icsi. Pretty sure that's what you need a type of ivf where the sperm is directly injected into the egg. It can be very successful and your bmi does have to be 30 or below for that I'm afraid xx

  • Hi huni, don't worry they can work magic nowadays. I couldn't get pregnant and my husband sperm was really low. We had ICSI instead of IVF and it worked the first time (last year) but unfortunately I had a still birth at 24 weeks. I've recently had a second fresh ICSI and I'm currently 13+5 and getting fat lol. I wish you all the luck in the world xxx

  • Thanks so much, I'm really hoping they're is some way of naturally conceiving for us still at this stage, if the dr can just sort me ovulating that would be half the problem solved I just don't want to get set on IVF or ICSI because I know my weight will be a factor and I'm doing my best but even losing 1 st isn't enough I need to lose about 10st which is incredibly disheartening :(

  • Hi there, I'm sorry that you've had more bad news, it's not what you're wanting to hear when you start this journey. Our bad news was the other way around, we knew there was an issue with DH's sperm count but we found out a month before starting treatment that there was a problem with me too (I have low AMH and they're not sure that I am ovulating) so I completely understand. Just something to consider; my husband's count was one million (yep, ONE) in November last year. From getting that result we cut out all caffeine, cut back on alcohol and cut everything out completely, eating as healthy as possible for 3 months before treatment. He also started taking Wellman Conception vitamins for men. On the morning of egg collection his count had gone up to 10 million - 10 x the original number from 6 months before so please don't be too disheartened, there are things you can do to help.

    We had ICSI and got our BFP. Sadly I miscarried but I still have hope that we got that far once and will do it again. Please don't lose faith, it is possible even with low numbers and all the challenges we face x x x

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