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Diet change that has made a surprising difference

Hi all,

I haven't posted in awhile but wanted to share something in case it may help anyone.

We have always been told that our issue was sperm - low count, low mobility, pretty much everything. However, our last set of test results came back completely normal!

After two years of being told the results were always very bad/low, both the doctor and the nurse were really surprised, and asked us what we had done because it seemed like the results were from two different people.

Literally ALL we have done since about December last year (bearing in mind that the sperm takes around 3months to show changes from your diet) is swap regular milk to oat milk, and meat to Quorn products. So we've swapped mince for Quorn mince, chicken for Quorn fillets and so on.

If my husband really feels like steak or a burger or whatever he'll eat it, but he actually loves the Quorn products (especially the 'chicken' nuggets! hahah) and that's the only change he's made and the test results were remarkably improved.

Early days yet - will see what the test results are like on the actual day, and I'll share with you all if it changes. We thought it couldn't hurt to try and you never know - that might be what did it. Seems like a huge coincidence to me, if it WASN'T that?! Anyway, just wanted to share in case there was any chance it may help someone else too. xxx

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Thank you for sharing. I hope it has made a difference. Has he cut out any other dairy products or just milk?


Hi Lynn, nope he still has cheese and the occasional ice cream etc so it was really just the milk to oat milk. We thought about it but couldn't find a non dairy cheese that we liked, and this seems to be helping anyway :) xx

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That’s really good news! This actually makes sense because my nutritionist told me to cut out dairy and also eat much less meat especially red meat and only eat organic if I do. Reason being that animals are pumped full of chemicals to make longer lasting milk and meat products so are full of dioxins which can impact on egg and sperm health. I quite like beans, lentils and chickpeas or organic eggs for protein now.


Yes exactly! Our doctor didn't actually mention it, it was just something we thought we'd try. I used to vegetarian anyway, but swapped back to meat because I was always getting sick. BUT, I don't think I was substituting properly and getting all the nutrients I needed. Seems to be going much better this time around :) xx


That is so interesting. Thank you for sharing. I actually saw a nutritional therapist and had intolerances checked. It came back that I am intolerant to yeast, wheat, dairy and others - including cucumber!! She explained it may be due to the chemicals and that intolerances change if we have a clear out etc. I have definitely noticed that when I don't eat bread etc I lose weight. Also, I guess it makes me eat more spinach which is amazingly good for us all.

I do miss toast and cheat occasionally. 🙊

But it is good to see such amazing impact of these changes.

Congratulations xx


Ohhh yes, I suspect I'm a little intolerant to a few things but haven't actually seen a nutritionist yet to figure it all out. Sounds like you're onto it though! :) xx


I was lucky as a friend was training so got the tests at a huge discount. Xx


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