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Left in the dark by doctors, any advise?

Hi everyone. I'm all new to thing but hoping someone could point me in the right direction... me and my partner have been trying for a baby now for over 2 years. We eventually plucked up the courage and went to the doctors to get checked over. My tests came back fine but my partners didn't we were eventually told he has a low sperm count and something to do with the sperm being irregular. Well since then we haven't been given any other advise or pointed into the right direction... we've changed our lifestyle to be healthier etc but we feel left in the dark by our doctors. Any advise would be great. Thanks.

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My clinic recommends either menevit or condensyl as supplements to improve sperm quality. They’re expensive but supposed to contain everything he needs.


Perfect thank you. Will defiantly look into getting these


You will be able to find them online x


My partner improved his by reducing caffeine intake, lose underwear, a good diet, taking a shower instead of hot baths, reducing alcohol intake and taking wellman fertility. We was very much left in the dark by our gp for 6 months whilst we waited to see a consultant. I hope you start to get more support and information soon xx

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Thanks Katrina, he has cut down inbthe caffeine intake this was a major problem and the same as smoking. All I do is chase them to get some answers but it's the usual 'We will send you a letter with an appointment" this was 3 months ago. X


Have you been referred to a fertility specialist or have you visited a fertility clinic? That might be the next step.


We found the same - you are left feeling so confused and alone. Our situation was much the same as yours and we did lots of research, plus we went for a private antral follicle scan and the nurse gave us some info - but we have very much had to piece it together as we went along, here is what we found out (for him), and have followed (we're currently doing our first IVF round but wanted to give ourselves the best chance):

- lots of fruit and veg, and as healthy a diet as possible

- cut out alcohol, or cut right back

- no smoking or smoky atmospheres

- no tight underwear

- acupuncture (for both of us)

- Wellman conception tablets

- no lubricant during sex

- exercise - but not too much, as if the body is constantly repairing, or under stress, fertility is affected as your body sends it resources to almost everything else first before fertility.

Obviously I have followed all of the above too, as well as mediation and lots of sleep and relaxation where possible. Also, research as much as you can, helps you feel more in control, and question everything - don;t take anything as absolute fact as we have been given a lot of conflicting and sometimes incorrect, info along the way from doctors.

Good luck, you're not alone xx


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