Clexane injections needed

Hi everyone. I'm about to start my journey at the end of the month. As well as the normal medication, I am also having to start clexane injections due to a blood clot I had a few years ago and a miscarriage in may. I've used clexane before but only for 10 days and I was really bruised, this time I'm starting from baseline and will have to continue until 12 weeks if everything goes to plan. Has anyone else been in this situation, if so any tips to avoid severe bruising caused by those horrible clexane injections?

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  • I had to inject for the whole pregnancy and 6 weeks after so still injecting! Best advice is to press firmly down on injection site with cotton wool for at least 2 minutes and don't rub! If it feels really sore after doing it use ice cubes instead. Good luck!!

  • Press down before or after? Did you bruise badly? Where did you put them in your tummy and top of legs? Thanks for your reply and congratulations!

  • After and I did them in my tummy I tried the top of my leg but found that more painful.

  • Hi ToniBrowne I'm currently 3wks pregnant and using clexane. I've also bruised really badly and find it a struggle not 2. Last night I did my injection on the side of my belly at the bottom the skin was softer there and it went it a lot better tonight was the same. Good luck hun and all the best with your cycle.

  • Thank Vonny and congratulations on your pregnancy, was this your first attempt? How long do you have to take the clexane for?

  • This cycle is my 10th go hun. I've to take it for 12wks but if ive twins it's 28 wks I've been told 😲 scary but worth it. Thanks

  • Wow you've been on quite a journey, best of luck. Did you do ICSI by any chance?

  • No hun just ivf I sure have hun could write a book. Lol

  • Well good luck with this next part of the journey.

  • Thanks you 2 hun.

  • Hi ToniBrowne. I used to tell ladies to use the area in a "smile" below belly button. Needle in slowly, inject and remove slowly. If you become sore try melting an ice cube on the spot before proceeding, numbs the area. Good luck! Diane

  • Thanks Diane.

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