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chemical pregnancy and clexane dose

Hi all, this is my first post here, I had 5 chemical pregnancies and I've never had a successful pregnancy before, I have blood disorders 'sticky blood' and more than one doctor has put me on 40 mg clexane on my 3rd and 4th pregnancy, and on my 5th pregnancy I had 60 mg clexane but all ended the same way (chemical).

Now my new doctor is telling me that I absolutely needed 80 mg clexane and that is the reason for my chemicals!

I have all the RPL tests done and I don't have other problems than this, I am a 'diabetes' but it is good controlled so the doctor said it is not the cause.

My question is that I am not convinced with what the doctor is saying, because if it is just the clexane dose, so why all my pregnancies doesn't last for at least few weeks? could the clexane dose affect all my pregnancies that early!

Is there anyone had this situation and have been told this as me? what was your clexane dose for a successful pregnancy?

Thanks ladies....

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Hi, you may be better posting this on the Hughes Syndrome page. It's another name for sticky blood and you may get more specific answers there as there are many women there who have unfortunately been in a similar situation.

For me, I had 2 early mc, was diagnosed and then went on aspirin and heparin for the 3rd pregnancy but only took them from 6 weeks and lost that one too. After that I was advised to take both from positive test. For about a year I didn't get pregnant so I had tests done and my amh levels were low, suggesting low egg reserve as well as the sticky blood (and also have hypothyroidism). So I went for IVF and when I got the positive test result started injecting and taking aspirin. The clinic put me on 3500IU as its prophylactic dose but my consultant increased it to 4500IU based on my weight. There does seem to be some discrepancies from doctor to doctor on what dose to give.

Anyway, for me, It has worked so far, I'm nearly 24 weeks. So, while sticky blood is certainly a factor, it could be that there is another underlying issue. Thyroid often goes hand in hand with Hughes.


Thanks Tlove for your reply, would you tell me please how can I post it in Hughes Syndrome page?

are you taking any medication for thyroid?


The Hughes foundation have a page on here on healthunlocked. Let me see if I can find a link for you. I am on eltroxin, so my levels are well controlled now. Before I found out about thyroid issues, I wasn't even getting pregnant and when it was balanced, I had no problem for a while.


Thanks alot :) posted it there...

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They're pretty helpful over there too, the admin ladies are on the ball.

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