How soon after an FET did you test/have your first scan?

After our fresh cycle last time it was roughly 10 days until the pregnancy test and then 4 and a half weeks until our first scan. Does it change with a frozen cycle? It doesn't really matter I was just wondering if we'd get the first scan before my clinic closes for Christmas/New Year or if I'd have to wait until they open again.

It was at our first scan we found out I'd lost it last time so I don't think even if we get a positive on the HPT I'll be able to accept that until the scan. Suppose I have to get my BFP first before I worry but I'm one of those people that has to know what's happening lol our frozen transfer is on the 25th November.

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  • Hi kittyk, It ws a same wait for fet as in fresh cycle in my case. I had to wait for 12 days fr blood test n for the scan too it ws same wait till week 8. I got bfp last Tuesday n my first scan is on 8 th December....but today I got spotting n worrying a fresh cycle too I got spotting after bfp n had chemical miscarriage...just praying to god that this time I don't lose my happiness...Good luck for your fet.

  • Hi love. Thanks for your reply. I know it's heartbreaking I'm still feeling the repercussions from losing the last one. A part of me doesn't think I'll even get my BFP anyway but have to keep positive. It'd be nice for this rubbish year to end on a nice note. Good luck to you too! Xx

  • Hi KittyK. It should be about the same. It will be an anxious time for you, but little frosties can be strong little ones, so I do hope all goes well for you this time. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane. I was just wondering because it'd be nice not to worry all over the Christmas/New Year period but will have to see as I think it'll be just a few days too soon to have the first scan before Xmas if I base it on how many days they did it at last time. Suppose I should worry about getting the pee stick positive first. Thank you for your support I hope this time is it and next year can start better than the last few have xxx

  • Hi KittyK. Try not to worry about your scan being delayed (if it is), you will bring little one up to7/40wks, which I must admit I prefer to scan at, as it gives you a better picture and "numbers". Here's to peeing on that stick! Diane

  • I was told by my clinic (probably sll bloody different) that they can only scan from 7 weeks not earlier (where as epu at hospital can do from 6) best of luck xx

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