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Lining not thick enough :-(


Had my second scan today and my lining still isn’t thick enough for FET so my cycle has been cancelled. It was less than 5mm and needed to be about 7mm. Feeling so disappointed upset as just didn’t expect this outcome. It’s like the last 6 weeks of injections and tablets were for nothing. Have to wait until next month to see the consultant then go on a waiting list for a hysteroscopy before we can try again. This was our first cycle - we have two 5 day frozen blastos ready to go but not to be this time. Anyone else had a similar experience? Xx

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I’m sorry you went through all those injections for nothing this time. I hope that the next time you attempt fet that your lining plays ball. It certainly is a rollercoaster, an unpredictable one at that. Wishing you better luck for next time xx

LittlestBob in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you. I knew it would be tough but it is more of a rollercoaster than I ever expected! Xx

I had to have one cancelled as my lining was struggling although I didnt go straight for hysteroscopy. I was just allowed a progesterone induced bleed then start again on progynova. I know its disappointing but a hysteroscopy may not be a bad thing to rule out any underlying issues before starting dont want to waste those precious embryos! Big hugs.xx

Thank you for your reply. I’ve already been on 8mg progynova a day plus oestrogen patches so not sure what they do next. I think they’re putting me on the waiting list in case that’s what the consultant suggests so might not have to have it yet but would rather check all was ok now. I don’t know what the wait will be either. Did you have different medication for your cycles after the cancelled one? Good luck for your treatment xx

I just got started off on a higher dose of progynova the next time & I got to 9.3mm so it did the job! Don't worry they'll have dealt with this before so there's always something different to try. The thing is we all respond differently to meds and they never know who to what so at least next time they'll know what doesn't work!xx

Thank you. Sorry you’ve had to go through it too but thank you for the advice xx

Not got a similar experience, just wanted to say sorry to hear this and hope your clinic can help for your next round. Keepingmy fingers crossed for you x

Thank you xx

Sorry to hear that LittlestBbob.

I’m so sorry to hear you’re having such a difficult time. It is so so frustrating to have put so much time and energy into something to have it stop at an unexpected hurdle. Argh, bloomin IVF!!

We’ve been close to cancelling due to thin lining on three of our five cycles, but they’ve managed to drag my lining along with upping the meds (patches and tablets). I’m not sure if any of these things - or a combination of things - also helped to boost lining, but I’ve been doing them the last three cycles to try to help: acupuncture, swapping running for swimming (suggestion of acupuncturist), stopping caffeine (to boost circulation). We are in our TWW, but are also on the waiting list for another hysteroscopy in case this cycle doesn’t work. My lining issues are caused by adhesions in my lining, so the hysteroscopy for me is to both explore what’s going on and remove some of the adhesions. X

LittlestBob in reply to EmJen

Thanks so much for your reply. That’s really helpful to know. I’ll definitely be trying some of those things next time round. I didn’t even think about it this time as just thought it would happen! Good luck for test day xx


Hey I know exactly how you feel. We started treatment for our FET cycle and after 12 weeks of being delayed at each stage, our cycle got cancelled 4 days before our transfer date back at the beginning of October. I was absolutely gutted and I think it affected me almost as much as a negative test if not worse. To go through all those weeks and not even get to transfer is heart breaking I know. Like you I really didn't expect to have any problems and everyone always says how much easier a FET is compared to a fresh cycle, I disagree completely. Our fresh cycle went with no issues at all so to say I was shocked and upset at our cancelled cycle was an understatement.

You will feel better though I promise. I now have an appointment on 26th November for my 21 day scan, I'm very apprehensive though. And I'm just not letting myself plan dates or try and work out what will happen when, especially after all the delays and eventual cancellation.

Here if you need a chat.


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