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Make sure you are at the right clinic !!

This isn't a happy or sad story . But positive !!!!

After a failed IVF in the summer and the clinic I was with , was making many errors . I was actually told I had 2 funded goes with my CCG funding . After the first go not working I had my review in September and the doctor said in order to get my 2nd funded go we had to go straight away before my 40th birthday which was the following week ..... they rushed me on the burserilin injections and got me a new egg donor straight away .

One week in the clinic told me the consultant had made an error and I didn't have a second go and had to pay for my treatment. He made the error as I was using donor eggs .

My head and heart were traumatised for the last few months.

Today I attended Manchester Fertility clinic . They were amazing !!!!

They've offered a package deal using icsi and all the extras for 3 rounds with an exclusive egg donor for £16,000 ....

I'm now confident I can give it my best shot and if it fails they give a 70 % refund !!!! It's just boosted me to know how supportive they were and the fact I can try a few times .

If it doesn't work I will look at other options agin .... but I know I've done all I can and I feel very positive .

My message is to people ---- make sure you are confident and happy with your clinic and if not there are some great places out there !

I'm still on a huge journey and it's not guaranteed but I'm going to keep the fight xxx

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I have just started an Ivf cycle with Manchester fertility we did look around other clinics and even though Manchester fertility are a little more expensive we chose them I just felt comfortable right away

I'm using my own eggs but I do have low amh but will see how it goes x

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Hi Natalie , that is great to hear . Its such an emotional process and they were so good there . Thanks for the reply xx


I have had a cycle using them, we are going abroad now for DE treatment but they are the satellite clinic that will do my monitoring x

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Oh bless you Button 123 . I hope you were happy with them.

I know its heart breaking when it doesn't work .

I wish you luck on your treatment abroad xx:)


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