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Hello... I'm very new to this but I really need to know if anyone else has had the same problem.

So basically I went for my follow up with gynecology yesterday only to be seen by my consultants understudy. The appointment was to have myself and my partners blood test results. He went through all my scans which my consultant did 5 months prior which my consultant put me forward for ivf treatment due to my tubes having fluid in them. Now this understudy went though my xray (HSG) and said one of my tubes needs to be removed due to there being toxic fluid in it. My consultant didn't even mention this toxic fluid before nor did he say it had to be removed before ivf treatment. Please can any of you help me out because I feel like I've just been pushed back another few months before treatment again which is heartbreaking.

Thank you xx

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  • Hi, just to say welcome to the group. Sorry that you feel pushed back i know from having many knock backs how this feels.

    I had fluid in one of my tubes also and had to have it removed because they say if you fall pregnant and the fluid leaks into the womb its very dangerous for any embro or baby growing.

    I hope this helps a little xx

  • Thank you so much for your reply. It's so helpful hearing this. I am just down at the fact my consultant didn't pick up on this 5 months ago. Did you have to have the ultrasound to confirm the fluid in the tubes or did they just confirm with the HSG exam? Xx

  • I had both untrasound and HSG exam, i had 1 totally blocked tube that they managed to un block during op to remove the one with fluid.

    I can totally understand your frustrations with your consultant, its so frustatrating when you feel so let down by them. I got all my operations out the way and he said he wanted me to start IVF asap because i was 35 at the time, this was in the august when we saw him in the oct he said oooo im on hoilday for 2 months now just try natually for a few months and start IVF in the new year! I was devestated too. I know not the same situation as you but belive me i felt the same.

    The best advise i can give you is just look at it as a blip and put total faith into them or you drive yourself mad with what ifs and buts belive me ive been there done that, once you get onto the IVF you will mostly deal with nurses i would expect any way. Xx

  • Thank you so much. You wouldn't believe how helpful you've been. It's nice to hear it from someone who's going through the or been through the same.

    You're completely right. If I don't have faith in them then I'll never get though it. I think the shock of needing an operation when it wasn't mentioned the last time I went there even though it was the same scan picture as before just got me down as well.

    Fingers and toes crossed now. Xx

  • Hi K_A_M1989. Not too sure what you wanted to ask about this condition, so I will cover it as best I can, with apologies if you already know some of it. The condition is called “hydrosalpinx”, which when translated, simply means water in the tube! Fallopian tubes have a natural lubrication in them to allow sperm to swim and the egg to travel down. Occasionally, the end of the tube(s) called “fimbriae” can stick together. This then blocks the “exit” for excess fluid to escape. There is then only one way out for this fluid and that is through the womb end of the tube. Many consultants now believe that this excess of fluid can prevent implantation of a developing embryo, as it can be “washed” out. The whole tube can be removed, or the end section (blocked bit) can be removed or clipped. Hope this explains the condition for you, so you can understand why such drastic measures are done. Huge luck with whatever is decided. Diane

  • Thank you Diane that is helpful and I will be able to speak to my consultant with more knowledge. Xx

  • Hi K_A_M1989. My pleasure! I realise the waiting is dreadful, and I hope that all goes well when you do get to see the consultant again. Diane

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