Hydros 😔 Tubes out & onto NHS IVF at Leeds anyone used Leeds clinic recently ?

Hi ladies I was wondering could anyone give me any info as the hospital won't tell me anything .... I am having my tubes removed in a months time due to being damaged and filled with fluid. Then we will be referred for ivf at Leeds seacroft hospital. Does anyone know what the wait / time scale is like at the minute .... like from referral to appointment to actual treatment cycle. I'm going crazy HOPING it will be this summer time but would rather know if it's going to be much longer ? X good luck and sticky babies to everyone 😊 X

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  • Hi 😊

    Im under seacroft and just completed my first ivf cycle there. From Referall to first appt was about 4 months however I was having all the bloods and scans needed etc and they lost 2 lots of my bloods which had to be done again and I also needed a new smear test so that was another 2 week delay. From first appt at clinic to cycle was 2 month. I first went in November and had my cycle this month. It would have been December but as they close for Xmas and new year it wasn't possible. So say 6 months for all in total - hope this helps ️xx

  • Hm .... ok 🤔 That's roughly what I was thinking. Hopefully mine will be a similar time scale. Sorry they lost your blood results - baffles me how that can happen, somehow my blood results got lost between my gp and the hospital ? So are you in the tww now or do you know the result ? 💫🙏🏽✨ x

  • I don't know how they lose them either at one point I was half convinced they were donating my blood without my knowledge ha ha Im in the two week wait now- one week down and one to go so of course hoping for a positive result this Sunday coming 🙏🙏 x

  • Ooh sending you all the baby dust and positive thoughts !! 😬😘 x

  • Hiya,

    im Under Leeds Seacroft and my 1st appointment was December 2015 for investigations and we was told we would need IVF after that was about June Last year and i had my 1st cycle in October I havent had a fresh transfer yet as I was at High risk of OHSS but im currently doing treatment for FET now. I think it depends on what tests they need to do an appointment dates they have available as they can vary if they have cancellations but if not sometimes can be a big gap between appointments. Fingers crossed for a quick start for you. xxxxx

  • Oh that's such a long wait, I hope I'm not waiting that long 🙈 hope you get your positive soon ! Thank you for reply and good luck 😉 ✨👶🏼💫 x x

  • Thank you, And you too. :D xx

  • Hey I'm also at Leeds and had my very first appt at seacroft on 31st October and I've just started ivf short protocol - egg collection scheduled for next week, so that's about 3 months xxx

  • Ooh brilliant that's my favourite answer ! Hehe thank you 😊 how are you finding all the meds etc ? Good luck for collection and transfer ! So exciting x

  • Hey , I've done 4 injections so far and it's all totally fine ! I feel completely normal , and the injections are painless ! I have my first stimulation scan on weds to see how thins are progressing so I'll update everyone on here afterwards! Hope you get moving quickly too, xxx

  • Hi Krushby89. Not too sure what you wanted to ask about this condition, so I will cover it as best I can, with apologies if you already know some of it. The condition is called “hydrosalpinx”, which when translated, simply means water in the tube! Fallopian tubes have a natural lubrication in them to allow sperm to swim and the egg to travel down. Occasionally, the end of the tube(s) called “fimbriae” can stick together. This then blocks the “exit” for excess fluid to escape. There is then only one way out for this fluid and that is through the womb end of the tube. Many consultants now believe that this excess of fluid can prevent implantation of a developing embryo, as it can be “washed” out. Because of this the tube is often dealt with in one of three ways prior to treatment. The whole tube can be removed, the end section (blocked) end can be removed or clipped, or the blocked end can sometimes be opened up to allow for drainage, by cutting a “cross” in the end and stitching each corner back to allow an egg to get through and for natural drainage. Your consultant/doctor will explain which option he/she feels would be best for you. Unfortunately, there are no other options for the condition. A more invasive operation on this tube – opening up the end, could also result in a couple of month’s recovery period. I do hope this helps with the explanation, and wish you well with the outcome. Diane

  • Thank you for that, more information than I got from the hospital !! X

  • Hi Krushby89. Hope all goes smoothly for you. Thinking of you. Diane

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