Any success with a 5BC FET transfer?

Evening ladies. Had my FET today and was taken aback when they told me my egg has survived the thaw but had lost cells. It was a 5day blastocyst that had a AB grading. Embryo was only a BC grading when thawed. I can't help but feel utterly gutted. I had such a good feeling going into this time knowing my egg was a good one now I'm disappointed and anxious that if it's lost cells just from freezing then it's not gonna work. My head is going overtime. Anyone been through something similar and any advice xxxx

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  • Hello Leah_russ

    Don't worry yourself because you need to remain as calm as possible, easier said than done I know lol. But my friend had her first cycle of icsi and hers were graded AB too but that first cycle wasn't successful, so she went back to have her FET and they were grade also like yours of a BC, so they put two of them back in at that grade and both embryos took (as not identical) and she now has her two baby girl twins who are just adorable. So please try and relax, I have everything crossed for you. Good luck πŸ™πŸ€ xxx

  • Aww thank you. That defiantly makes me feel better. I'm a lot more calm and relaxed about it today. I can't control it now, just be positive, happy and let nature take its course. How far are you on your journey? Xxxx

  • Exactly Hun, that's the way to try remain, mine unfortunately was terminated just before EC as they got my dosage wrong so none of my follicles were growing, so booked in again for take 2 in Jan xxx

  • Aww I'm so sorry to hear that. My follicles on my fresh cycle weren't growing. I carried hot water bottle around with me for weeks. Eat loads of eggs and got there in the end. I hope everything works out for you xxxxx

  • Hi Leah_russ. Hopefully, now that your little embie is back inside you where it belongs, he/she will continue to thrive. Oh and yes, I have many successes with embryos at the same stage. Keeping everything crossed for you. Diane

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