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Hope for those with poor sperm

I'm not usually one to share my story but after seeing the fertility network on BBC Breakfast today, I realised that my story may inspire others.

Around five years ago, my fertility suddenly changed. I had counts of over 200 million per sample, morphology nearly 90% normal and vitality and progression excellent in 2010. Fast forward to 2011, my counts went to 3 million per ml, 99.5% abnormal and all other parameters pretty poor.

I never thought I'd be able to have children. After blood tests, ultrasounds, MRI's and semen analysis after semen analysis, no answers have been found and the quality remains extremely poor and yet....

During this time with such awful semen quality, I've managed to have a daughter and another baby is on the way, both conceived naturally. I was so concerned that our first couldn't possibly be mine and she was conceived so close to when my partner and I got together that I had a DNA test which confirmed that despite my poor semen quality, I was able to father a child.

How did I do it, not once but twice? I don't really know. All I can say is that I let go, accepted that whatever would be would be. It also helped that my partner also accepted the situation and didn't become too focussed on having/not having children. I don't know whether this offers those of you with male factor issues and hope but thought I'd share with those of you who may take something from my story. Good luck to all of you.

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Thanks so much for sharing. I saw that but on bbc breakfast today too and it is so important for men also to share their concerns and worries about infertility as it affects them so much too😀great hopeful news from you that will inspire others x


Thanks for sharing! Love a positive story x

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Ah that's a very uplifting story, so great to hear. I'm sure the fact that you both weren't stressing yourselves out with potential childlessness really helped.

I'm so pleased for you xx

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