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Hi folks, I'm new on here and don't even know the meaning of some of the abbreviations on here πŸ™ˆwe are on our first icsi cycle, the one and only NHS funded. Partner had I'm first sperm analysis a count of 3 million, stopped smoking an rose to 10 million within 6 months. I'm on my 4th day of bemfola injections, first scan on Tuesday, fingers crossed for it, next scan this day week then if all good ec planed for Tuesday 28th. Don't really have any questions just wanted tho chat to people with similar issues and hear some positive stories 🀞

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  • Hey... I think this is one of nicest forums to be on so you are in good company. My husband had a vasectomy 27 years ago and I was concerned that his fun loving party life would have rendered his men incapable (he still thinks he is 30 hence a young wife!) But low behold after a sperm aspiration which was actually a small biopsy from the testicle they found sperm. We had 17 out of 17 fertilise in the end with 9 grade 1 embryos at day 5. Only had one transfered today but I hope that gives you hope that anything is possible with technology and ICSI. Xx

  • Ah thank u, it does indeed give me hope, it will b a long 2weeks for u both now with the waiting game, good luck hope you get a positive test xx

  • Hello and welcome xx

  • Hey, my husband has a low sperm count too...less than 1 million per ml. That's fabulous news that stopping smoking has helped your partner, massive pat on the back to him for his effort!! Unfortunately there's nothing we can do on our side but we've put some sperm on ice and always had enough for our treatment cycles. No joy for a positive result but will be starting a new cycle in a couple of months. Just wanted to say hi & wish you luck!!xx

  • Hi Cinderella, ah thank u for ur lovely reply, yeah I'm very proud of him for giving up he smoked 20 per day so wasnt easy,how many cycles have u had?

  • I've had two, first one was just a disaster from start to finish! Thankfully we had a better 2nd one....like night and day! Start our next one shortly so not long now!x

  • Well good luck for it, I hope it's a successful third time lucky for you x

  • Hello , my husband had 6 million sperm count , mobility was %30 , nhs recommended vitamin called proxeed plus , he stopped drinking over a month (it was difficult for him but he did it ) ,on egg collection day embryologist confirmed his sperm count increased to 24 million and mobility was %50

  • Hi ya Twinkle, tjanks for the reply :-) its great being able to speak to others in same scenario. I think his mobility was around 32%, neither of us has had a drink now in over a month so im hoping for a good number of eggs and a good sperm count on ec day. I'm not sure the mobility matters as much as it is icsi an doesn't need to b a swimmer, am I right? He is taking the vitamin zinc which nhs recommened tho im not sure if he is taking them long enough, clinic said should have been taking them 6 months :-/ are u mid treatment cycle?

  • I don't have any idea if the mobility matters on icsi , my husband used the vitamin just over a month so the result was unexpectedly positive, hope it will work for your husband too🀞 I am on 8th day after the embryo transfer, I had icsi too , had 14 eggs collected, 11 fertilised, 7 could survived and frozen, one embryo on board , this is my fist cycle,so I am hoping bft πŸ™Œ

  • Oh that's brilliant, did u get day 3 or day 5 et? I am so happy for u and ur hubby, hope all works out and u get a positive test 🀞🀞, u don't have long to wait now, im sure it is a long 2 weeks!!

  • That you littleflower82 πŸ™‚ , it was day 5 et ,hopefully we will have some good news 🀞it's been so long last 8 days 😩 I am wishing you best luck on your cycle, hopefully you will get lots of good swimmers and eggs on ec day 😊

  • Thanks il b thinking of u over the next week, stay in touch x

  • You are right. Also anything above 32% progressive motility is considered average. Good luck 😊

  • Hi, Littleflower82! Wish you luck with your analysis.. I believe you have good chances now ..after your husband had stopped smoking and the sperm count rose. Great job.. u both xx

  • Found it! The abbreviations list! :) healthunlocked.com/fertilit... xx

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