I may have conceived naturally with low ovarian reserve!!!

Hi all I had a period for one day last Friday mainly it was brown blood and very light so i wouldnt even class as a period and I was totally freaked as I've been diagnosed with low ovarian reserve amh 6. 5 and fsh 16.2 follicle count 3 one month 7 another month I knew It could be something positive or a sign of things declining, ive done a pregnancy test for the third day and the faintest of lines has appeared praying with all my heart this is a postive outcome xxx

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  • nmill how exciting! Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Xx

  • Thank you I know it is very early days I just need to be patient, hope you are doing well not long to wait now for your treatment. Do you get any feedback from any of the magazines you had contacted? xxx

  • No, none of them replied, again!

    I know not long now, although no idea what will happen next. We are doing sperm sharing so sent off genetic forms last week.

    My acupuncturist thinks I had a chemical last month as I was a bit late and my chart looked like it might have been... I still have hope for natural over the next couple of cycles!!

    Keep us posted!! 😘

  • Definitely have hope you're already come along long way and that's before youve started all the ivf drugs and even if you had a chemical pregnancy at least you know your body is trying to get there. Shame you didn't hear back from anyone such a shame when it's so close to heart and painful I just think others can't relate to emotional turmoil unless they have experienced what we have. Keep in touch with your next steps xxx

  • Omg this is so exciting..wishing you al the very best and sending lots of luck your way..also curious what Orla9298 up too contacting magazines??? 😜xx

  • Thank you ill keep you posted if this is real just had to write on here as can't quite believe that something might be happening xx

  • @vic77 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ I feel really strongly that women need to know a bit more about fertility from a younger age! I can't believe that you can test ovarian reserve with an amh blood test and I never even knew about it. And you can do it privately for Β£80! So many women put off starting a family to put their careers first, and it's great that they do and great that women are so successful, just how many of us might have done differently if we knew our egg reserve was dwindling prematurely? Experts predict that soon women in their mid 20s will be testing amh to see if they can "afford" to wait. I just wanted to get this message out there and wrote to women's health and glamour magazine, both twice, and never heard back. At least I tried... πŸ˜”

    Rant over haha x

  • vic77 wouldnt let me tag you for some reason!x

  • Good for you. I totally agree. Mind you for me it wouldn't have made any difference as I didn't meet my fabulous husband till my mid 30s and I wonder what I would have done with that info while I was single. I didn't want a baby that much on my own. I wanted to meet a life partner first and if kids came after then great but knowledge is power I suppose xx

  • Yeah I'm the same, a lucky escape for me as my ex in my mid 20s was a horrible arse πŸ˜‚ And I met my hubby a month before I turned 30 and knew he was the one straight away...

    But I figure there are probably women in their 20s who have already met mr right so it's them that need the info I guess!


  • Fingers crossed!!keep us posted xxx

  • Wishing you lots of luck, I hope those faint lines turn into a massive BFP πŸ™πŸΌ X x x

  • How are you doing mommabear? Xx

  • Wonderful news- wishing you the very best with the pregnancy x x x

  • OMG, that's wonderful news, am so pleased for you. Praying with all my heart that you'll have a positive outcome as well xx

  • Oh wow let's hope so! πŸ™πŸ» keep us posted xx

  • Hi ladies this is a really old post from 8 months ago, someone replied to this thread this morning and I have a feeling someone was trying to sell something as the message has since been removed all a bit strange and it isn't really one of posts I wanted to see as this ended in a mmc. Xxx

  • Oh gosh I'm so sorry Hun, I just saw it come up and thought it was current. Hope you're ok xx

  • That's okay Georgina I know it's easily done xxx

  • Oh god I'm so sorry I should've checked the post more carefully. This is the last thing you wanted to be reminded of. So sorry that I caused you upset xoxo

  • No need to apologise jess it wasn't your fault it was just really strange that someone left a message on there this morning which bought up the news feed again and now that message has been deleted, it may of been a spam message. Xxx

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