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Hi ladies

As some of you are aware I had a health scare yesterday during my scan where the nurse and doctor send me to have blood taken for various types of cancers. My doctor has called me today to say that the bloods have come back ok. I can continue with treatment but may require my cyst to be drained. He said to keep taking bursellin and keep down regulating (this is my third week!) He said sometimes the injections can irratate cysts and I am a endometriosis sufferer. I have another scan booked next Friday. Lets see what this journey will bring, but I am so grateful for my amazing husband who told me he dosent want me to carry on with treatment and would prefer to be childless. I really saw him in a different light yesterday. Have a great weekend xxxx

P.s sorry for all these posts but it's my way of coping and typing what I'm feeling! Xx

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  • Aww hun hope everything goes well for you guys xx

  • Glad they came back ok.

    Stay strong lady x

  • So pleased your results came back well and your husband is being amazing. Good luck and please keep us posted on how you get on, I'll be thinking of you xxx

  • Thank you ladies :) I don't know where I work be without this site xx

  • My goodness, how stressful. Like there isn't enough to worry about anyway! Glad it was positive news and good luck with the next steps xx

  • Thank you hun. Defo learnt to take one day at a time and not forward plan too much. I thought I would have been stimming by now but guess il have to wait and see what happens xx

  • You poor little thing. It's completely understandable to let your feelings out. Don't be sorry about it. I'm glad you are able to continue with the treatment. Praying for a positive outcome on the blood test. You have been extremely strong and should be proud of yourself. Take things easy and let us know how you get on. Xx

  • Good to hear blood tests came back OK.

    You are truly blessed with a loving caring partner. That's what makes the journey we are on somewhat bearable,

    Best of luck with the rest of the journey and a fruitful outcome

    Big hugs


  • Thank you for your reply. I feel better than what I was feeling! This is a tough journey but whatever happens I truly do believe I will be ok with my husband by my side xx

  • So glad everything is normal - like you needed anymore stresd at a time like this! Ive got endo as well abd was on decapeptyl for two months then buserelin my last scan on day 1 of stim showed a 2cm endometrioma (i only had surgery a little over 2 months ago to remove them! Damn endo!)

    You are so lucky to have a supportive partner - mine is the same. You only realise how strong they are when you come across something like this xxx

  • Thank for your replyy. I'm happy I'm not the only one going through this! I thought there must be something wrong with me in that I'm still down regulating for which is going to be my 4th week now! Did you have the cyst drained? I had an op last October and in 2013 so I can't face having another operation. It really does help having a supportive partner while going through something like this x

  • My left side has always been worse than my right i had surgery gor a frozen pelvis in 2014 and this time they removed endometriomas from my right and drained my left ones to preserve my smaller left ovary - the one thats grown back is on the left. I also had my last remaining tube removed as endo had wrecked both sides.

    Ive always been told by everyone i see that ivf will be tricky in my case because of the agressive endo but just keeping fingers crossed that it all works out - celebrating every hurdle we manage to get over (first being just to get to stimulation which we passed thurs!) anf laughing where we can... its all any of us can do xx

  • Awww that's true hun. I have learnt to take one day at a time now. Iv had such a horrid time during this journey. Especially a few months back where they thought I was going through early menopause. I'm scared to go to any more appointments in the fear that I am always being told bad news!! But hopefully the next scan will show improvements or that I can actuallyy get the cyst drained. My right side is my bad as I am always getting cysts on it.I have a niggling pain on it now. Hope you get on well with stimming and get your BFP! Xxx

  • I m glad to knw that it ws ok...al the best fr next scan. I wish u to b in 2 WW soon...

  • Thank you :) wish you all the best with your two week wait and hope it works xx

  • Thank you...

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