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In the two week wait

Hello everyone. I am currently in the two week wait after having a day 3 embryo transfer last Thursday.

This is my 3rd IVF cycle. I have stage 4 sever endometriosis and I am doing this cycle as a single person with a donor.

I am 37. They transferred an 8 cell day 3 perfect looking embryo. And a 4 cell. Both had cells all the same size and I fragments.

They used Primovision. They said they had both scored high on the charting on Primovision.

My question is does it sound promising to anyone who might know? And I have had some cramps and twinges is this normal or should I be concerned?

Thank you for reading :) x

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Good luck Sarah hope you get your bfp. That's amazing doing it on your own can't be easy xx

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To be honest the doing it on my own is that easiest thing so far. It's is the waiting I can't deal with. What stage are you at katya38? x


Lol!! Suppose you don't need to worry about making joint decisions. The 2ww is by far the worst part it's just pure torture no other word for it. Think I chatted to you in my post earlier on xx


Hi Sarah-Lou, I am also Single and using a Donor and I agree, doing it without a Partner is actually ok. The wait is just head doing....the worse part! I had my Endometrial scratch today and preparing for round 4, this will be frozen Embryo, others were fresh long protocol cycles. On rounds 2 and 3 I fell pregnant, sadly I lost them later, but I had loads of cramps and twinges and I see this as a good thing....when is test day? Wishing you all the best of luck...fingers crossed for you. xxxxxxxxx


Wow that is amazing to talk to someone else who is doing it alone. The wait is the worst part and that is the hard bit on your own. I have had a couple of nights of tears but I actually feel quite calm which is strange. So sorry for your losses when did you have the cramps and twinges.

I really don't know if it is going to work or not. I wish I could tell.

Have you had a scratch before?

What day transfers did you have?

Sorry soooo many questions x


Hi again, only one day left to wait...I get good vibes you will have a BFP...I cramped after a week, wasn't like period pains, but mind thinks it is as I prepared myself for negative....I had 5 day tx, but you had primovision so all seems good looking from the outside...did you have glue or scratch? This was my 3rd one, they worst bit of treatment for me but last 2 worked so I had to do again. I was bad on my waits and googled everything...I will try not to this time. So any other symptoms? Xx


I am not feeling very positive at all today. Cramps seem to be stronger today. I had a scratch and glue. I just feel like it is not destined to happen for me.

I don't know what to think really.

I don't have any other symptoms as such but I am on clexane, lubion, prednisolone and pessaries so I have no idea what I should or shouldn't be feeling really!

I just know I am goon to be a mess if it doesn't work. I want it to so much.

How long did your cramps last for? x


Ah scary time....but stay calm...have messaged you on other one you sent...xx


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