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Pregnancy testing during the 2 week wait?!

I have just completed my first cycle of IVF due to unexplained infertility. I am only 6dp5dt and this 2ww is driving me crazy!!!!

We have been very lucky in the way that we had 6 follicles, 1 embryo transferred and 4 now in the freezer!

The thing is I have absolutely no pregnancy symptoms other than a tender chest. This worries me. Having read numerous forums I feel that I should be experiencing more?!

I'm scared that it is all over before it has even begun 😞

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Try not to worry, I had no symptoms at all and got a BFP xxx

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I had no symptoms and am 27 weeks now. Try not to worry you are nearly there. I found the second of the weeks the hardest. As for testing, too early and you can pick up the trigger shot. Try to hold off as long as possible


Yup, not a sausage for me either! It doesn't mean it was not successful, as every woman is different. Hang in there, maddening though it is, and test when you are meant to. Wishing you loads of luck!!


Hi Nichola I'm in 2ww and slowly going crazy too. 🤡 Try not to worry. Sometimes the 'symptoms' are just the meds, so it's hard to know the outcome till test day. I know exactly how you feel because I think this daily too!and then I think I feel something but not sure if I'm imagining it lol. Take me away I need help lol 😂🤣


Thanks for the replies, I really appreciate it. I'm going to try and be strong and wait until the 9th and test when I've been told too!

I have been off work the last 2 weeks so perhaps actually being at work may be a good thing as this may make me stop thinking about it every single second of the day 😩😩😩

I thought last week when waiting on the phone calls from the embryologist was difficult but this beats it!!

Claire - when are you due to test? Wishing you lots of luck also x


My test date is tues 5th. Slowly getting there..... it's weird because I want to get to test date but I also want to stay in this bubble of hope 🤞🏻❤️🍀

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I'm also in my 2ww, thankfully I'm away so I'm distracted otherwise would probably be going crazy

I too keep thinking I don't have any symptoms so thank you ladies for your posts as it keeps me feeling a little more positive as you have your lovely BFPs without symptoms. I'm hoping that all goes well for both of us fingers crossed 🤞🏻


Wishing you all the best xx



I'm 4dp5dt and don't have any real symptoms. Iv had a few cramps and slightly sore boobs.

The 2ww is awful isn't it! It's a real mind f*ck!

Is this your first round? X


Claire - yes your completely right about being in your bubble of hope. All the very best for Tuesday 🙏🏼

Sharpy - yes this is our first round. It's taken a while to get here! I didn't ever think that you could experience all kinds of emotions in one single day!! We have been lucky so far with it, but I always have it in my mind that something has to go wrong for us, u know?! Anyway I can only hope and pray 🤞


My test date is the 14th September and remaining cool and calm so am prepared for either outcome.


Don't worry about symptoms so soon. Pregnancy will actually show on a test anytime from a week post transfer. So you could test early but if you decide to and it's negative, all is not lost until the official test date. I always test early cos I'm a need to know type person, but if an early negative is just going to make you feel worse don't do it! Good luck x


The 2ww sends us all loopylou! I can assure you that if you had any symptoms at all you wouldn't trust them either... we really can't win! Try to keep as calm as you can the very best you can. Wishing you lots of luck! x x x


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