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FET and bleeding HELP!!!

Hi ladies am on day 8 after transfer my blood test is tomorrow but this morning when i wiped i had some brown blood spotting only once and nothing since..am worried its failed as it cant be implant bleed at day 8 can it be?? This is my First FET so dont no what to expect is this my AF coming???? 😦 advice please.. do u bleed with a FET or not till medz stop really worrying so close to is my journey over 😦

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I really wish you well with you test result tomorrow!

You are not out yet.... I had implantation bleeds on 6dp5dt and also 7dp5dt ( sadly both chemicals but still positive tests on OTD). One was a tiny bit of brown and one was a bit more but red blood also. So it's possible it could be implantation bleeding and not your period about to start.

FET can be quite late to implant as well.

Good luck xx


Ah thnk u so much am so nervous 4 today feel sick 2 my tummy lol...it was just a tinny few brown dots in the mucuse when i wiped once and nothing since guess am just scared 2 get my hopes up..thnk u for ur reply howz ur journey going?? Xx


Brown is old blood I think and only sounds like a little so hopefully it's not a bad sign. Good luck for the morning! X


Thnk u Daisy14 it was just a few brown dots in my musus when i wiped once in the morning and nothing since ,only a dull cramp on my left side but had that constantly since day after transfer,howz u babez??? howz everything going with u ?? Xx


I have my fingers crossed for you!

Yeh I'm ok, really fed up of waiting now and convinced it's not worked. Minds gone a bit crazy I think! X


Hi spotting is perfectly normal so dont worry it could actually be a good sign as could be from implantation 😀 fingers crossed for you xx


Aww I no ur head will be doing over time thinking the worst, I got told brown blood is good as that's just old dirty blood. I wish u so much luck hun ino it's easier said than done but just try and relax 💖 xxxxxx


Hi, emzlou25! Sorry you’re worrying a bit, but hope the things you’re experiencing look more like implantation bleeding. Well, I had implantation bleeding too (2 times). Will describe you my last experience.

We passed another IVF shot with donor eggs. It was over a week before AF was due and in the afternoon I went to the loo and decided to check my cervix position. When I looked at my finger there was bright red blood on it. When I peed there was some red in the toilet too. I thought perhaps it was implantation or had AF come early (never does, I used to be very regular but I had a miscarriage once and I wondered if my cycle was a bit changed).

Next morning I was walking to a shop and felt a bit wet (TMI). When I went to the toilet I had brown discharge (so old blood - not the usual pattern of my AF!!) That evening I just got a feeling and decided to do an cheap test. Totally thought: It's far too early! and 2 it's the evening so even if I am PG my pee will be too diluted to get BFP.. It was pretty tough I should say.. Then I got my BFP! Totally shocked so did a FR test and another BFP!

Wishing you best of luck, hun! Keeping my fingers crossed for you XX


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