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Hey everyone, hope you all had agood Christmas. I'm just writing as I'm alittle worried.i had my egg transfer a week today and yesterday I had abit of blood but mainly brown old blood when I wiped when I went to the toilet.(sorry tmi) do you think my period could be coming? I'm just so unsure and I worry every time I go to the toilet that there is going to be more 😒 X

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  • Hi janer 85,

    Isn't too early for ur period to come?

    Just rest and no movement

    Good luck fingers crossed

  • Iv read somewhere that brownish blood is a sign of implantation .and today Is day 7 for you so it could juts be the lil embryo burying itself into your uterus .I'm day 6 today. The 2ww is tough.im trying to just stay busy. I hope we both get positive news when the 2ww is over .

  • I duno, it's getting more red now and think my period is coming 😒 I'm meant to be due on on wed xx

  • That must be worrisome. Unfortunately with this process there is not much one can do but wait .try to keep busy and just wait. Best wishes to you.

  • Thankyou, I'm at my sisters at the moment then visiting my partners parents tomorrow. He has been so good, we just keep hoping everything is going to be ok xx

  • I'm just scared it's over and I don't want it to be xx

  • Oh I feel for you! I had three same on xmas eve! Mine stopped on xmas day so I've continued with the meds just in case but I'm not very positive! Fingers crossed it's not a period!xx

  • In same boat. Feeling pretty awful myself but chatting to Cinderella5 had helped me so much today x

  • Thankyou,hoping mine will stop too, I just feel useless and just don't know what to do xx

  • It's horrible isn't it! I felt pretty hopeless and fed up that body would behave itself. Does your clinic have an emergency number or out of hours contact?x

  • Yeh, it's horrible and my partner is so upset but doesn't want to give up hope. Yeh the have an out of hours number, you think I should give them a call xx

  • It's sure won't do any harm I it settles your mind!x

  • Also going to my partners parents for a second Christmas and my my partners brothers wife is 5 months pregnant 😒 X

  • Oh that's going to be tough day for you both, I really feel for you!x

  • I'm so heavy πŸ˜₯ I contacted my nurse and they said there's nothing that can be done but still do the test on Sunday.

  • Just going to try and carry on with pessaries and just try and fake a smile today. Wishing us all the best and just hope xx

  • I'll be thinking of you today. I stopped pessaries as nurse thought best as bleeding like a period. I'm going to sleep today as not had much sleep and keep crying. Then I can try and think more clearly and positively. x

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