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Hey everyone,

So today I'm 5dp5dt and I'm going insane. I feel so negative and can't shake the feeling that it's not worked.

The first few days I had some little symptoms and yesterday and day before I had period type cramps which were very painful yesterday and lasted about 20 minutes then stopped. Today I've had nothing at all and just feel totally "normal".

I've not long to go until my blood test but this wait is 100% the worst part of the whole thing. I genuinely didn't expect it to be this hard.

I'm keeping busy and trying to take my mind off it but nothing really helps to be honest.

Praying I get the BFP but just really feel like that isn't going to be the outcome πŸ˜₯

16 Replies

Hi Amanda. I felt the same pretty much from the day after transfer and as you know I had a bfn BUT there's no way I could possibly have known it didn't work, especially that early on when everything had gone so smoothly! What I'm trying to say is don't beat yourself up; I bet we all feel the same! And when some get their bfp at the end of it I bet they're shocked because they weren't expecting it to work either! Good luck πŸ€ x

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Amanda86 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you for your reply. God it's absolutely awful the waiting and not knowing.

I'm not sure how anyone manages to stay positive through this part.

I hope your keeping as well as can be xxx

Don't lose hope Amanda... easier said then done I'm sure but you've come so far, just be strong

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Amanda86 in reply to sanj76

Thank you xxx

Oh Hun I know it is hard!! I'm back at work and love the distraction. My stomach hurts weird feeling!!

It's hard to know what's going on its hard to analyse it all but try not to.

Not long to go for you xxxπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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Amanda86 in reply to Missy_22

Thanks Missy,

I think because today I've not felt anything it's made me panic. I know it means nothing. God it's tough πŸ˜₯

Hope your keeping well xxx

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Missy_22 in reply to Amanda86

I know I don't feel anything either just tired but probably the mental worry! Stay positive Hun xxxx

You just don't know honey.....

Be kind to yourself....there is absolutely nothing you can do until your test day.

Try not symptom spot so much....who am I kidding....I'm doing it too hahaah


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Amanda86 in reply to NG13

I know it's almost impossible not to lol.

So true though there is nothing I can do. What will be will be xxx

Thinking of you Amanda, stay busy! Xxxxxx

Thanks Katie,

How you getting on? Xxx

Not too bad but I got a bit upset this morning, I'm getting period like cramps so I'm absolutely past myself :(.... Not too much longer until your test day now! Hang in there xxxxx

It's horrible I know πŸ˜” every little pain. I had bad cramps yesterday and day before. So far today just had a little bit of a sore back xxx

Hey Amanda, right there with you on the going insane situation!! It's so so hard! I have slight cramping every now and then too, so hard not to symptom spot. Just think how far we have come and how well we are doing xx

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Amanda86 in reply to Raglee

So true!! We've done well getting to here we just need to keep being strong!! We can do this 😊 xxx

Hang in on there! I know ill be the same if i make it to transfer but be kind to yourself it wont help to stress. You've got a great embryo on board and frozen ones to fall back on. Hugs xx

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